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babs76 Posts: 1000
Sophie-definitely :)
missybride Posts: 304
[quote="maymommie":78cwwpa5]I picked sophie as I have been thinking on the name sophia ourselves.It's just so hard, just wondering what name have you picked for a boy.[/quote:78cwwpa5] we've picked ethan for a boy :) adam is our second choice x
Boxer01 Posts: 383
Hi I picked madison as i was only thinking of it the other day as a friend of mine called her little girl Addisson and i thought it was fab and maddy is a beautiful pet name for her HTH :lvs :lvs :lvs
babychino Posts: 634
All are beautiful names, Madison is my favourite of the 3. It's different but not off the wall. Love Addison too, it's on my list, think I'll also be adding Madison :o)ll Your boys names are gorgeous too.
missybride Posts: 304
thanks girls :) love them all, sophie seems to be firm favourite! its dh fave n i prefer the other two lol. least im down to those 3 if girl n 2 if boy. will see what god gives us n see what suits little one :) thanks again girls for posting x