Statutory Paternity leave?? How many days?

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honey 2 Posts: 244
Just wondering how many days men are entitled to tke off for the birth of a child heard today that it is onlt one day for the delivery and then your partner would have to take holidays Is this the case? Thanks *)
AliB Posts: 59
As far as I know it is not even one - it is a big fat zero!! My hubby had to take it all out of his holidays anyway. It's up to the company as to whether they allow any free days for the father or whether they have to take holidays. Or whether they let them off at all! My company used to give fathers a day or two for free but not anymore since we were taken over by big corporate boooohh!
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Hubby was given 3 days from 2 different companys when our kids were born.
missc Posts: 875
Its zero, zilch, nada. :o( poxy country. Its completely up to the employers as to whether they give the man time off or use hol days. Big companys and public sector jobs will give 3 days but they dont have to.
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Information from ... nity_leave Paternity leave is not recognised in employment law in Ireland. In other words, employers are not obliged to grant male employees special paternity leave (either paid or unpaid) following the birth of their child. Annual leave taken following the birth of a child is treated in employment law in the same way as leave taken at any other time of the year. It is at the discretion of the employer to decide who can and cannot take annual leave at a given time.