strep b infection

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mrs butterfly Posts: 223
went to docs last week who took a swab as i had said i thought i was getting alot more vaginal discharge and often had the feeling that everything was guna fall out!!! turns out i have this infection....doc didn't seem worried about it but i expecting twins and had this increased discharge for a few weeks.... it does smell, look different etc. just that there was the irritation and feeling that everything was guna fall out.... has anyone had this infection and can reassure me all is o.k???
Salander Posts: 1639
Hi Mrs B Haven't had it myself - maybe if you ask in Mums & Kids some of the girls over there may have some info for you. hope its better soon!
naughtybutnice Posts: 1858
Approx 1 in 4 women are carriers so you are definitely not alone. you will be given antibiotics during labour. I had it last time around and will be treated again this time.
RJR Posts: 962
HI nyota I had this, it's very common (i think around 60% of women have it at some stage). It's harmless in adults but can be transmitted to babies during labour and is harmful to babies ***BUT*** all that happens is you have antibiotics during labour, which prevents baby picking up the infection. Even if you didn't have antibiotics the chances of babs picking it up are very low but rest assured now they know you have it you'll get the treatment The antibiotics are given by drip during labour and you can still be mobile, it just takes around 10 mins each time (I think you get four lots- I only managed one as I had a quick labour). Try not to worry - it really is very common, and very easily treated with the antibiotics in labour. It just means you'll need to be in hospital four hours before delivery if possible (which you probably will be anyway). Your consultant should talk it through with you and be able to reasssure you. It's a good thing it was picked up as now you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your babs will be protected - it's not always checked for and as it's so common there must be a lot of women who go through labour without knowing they have it. HTH :thnk
silíní Posts: 4219
I had this. Its really common. I had a bleed at 26 weeks (tiny one) and that's how they discovered it as they tested and found strep b and a UTI. You will need iv antibiotics in labour, that's all. Baby is a bouncing 13 month old and neither of us had any problems!
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi there, I had it too, they detected it about 28 weeks. During the birth I had an iv drip with antibiotics (I didnt even notice it). Everything was fine and our little baby was fine too! Its good to know you have it prebirth so they can give you the antibiotics but otherwise your pregnancy and labor will be no different from anyone elses x sg
Delish Posts: 4176
I have it too, it was detected at about 30 ish weeks, that day I wore a pair of damp trousers to work and had gp's app in the afternoon. I think I picked up some sort of kidney infection and the strep b must have been exacerbated or some way related as it was noticed on that day. Anyway as everyone else said it's nothing to worry about, better to know now than put baby at risk.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
when i went into labour a swab was done and after DS was born 21 hrs later :o( they said i had this, i wasnt put on antibiotics for it because they didnt know at the time, the results came back after DS was born, thank god he was ok and didnt pick it up, my waters broke so maybe thats how i got it but was left for 21 hrs after that which shouldnt have happened, but thank god all was least it was detected now and you can take antibiotics.