Stressed out in work :(

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MrsDelight Posts: 206
Hi All, Just need a rant.... I am soooo stressed out in work as I am sooo busy and I am in here from 8am to 7 pm nearly every day! I dont have time to have breaks and my lunch as been eating at my desk for the last few weeks. I am too tired to do any excercise when I get home and my eating is crap as its just here and there. I am just afraid I am going to burn out!!! I always tend to work like a mashine and then suddenly CRASH!!! All that keeps me going is that I am finishing up end of March but with this rate there is no way I will make it that far. Sorry for the rant.... just needed it vented...... NOW back to work :o(
North Star Posts: 137
MrsDelight are you me :) I'm the exact same, I feel your pain. I actually met with work nurse today and told her straight - she said that if it's all getting a bit much that you can get your doctor to write a cert to declare that you are only fit to work X hours (e.g 6 hours). It may not be much use to you in your situation but it may be an option. Be careful of your blood pressure and get it checked regularly. Baby and your health is the most important thing!! :action32 :action32 (says me who's still about 2 hours work ahead of me after a day that started at 7.30am)
MrsDelight Posts: 206
well i am glad to hear i am not alone :-8 its just horrible.... i had to take off a few days last week just to SLEEP.... the weekends are just not enough to re charge..... well better leave now as I want to get home. hopefully tomorrow will be better but I doubt it! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
mum2be30 Posts: 31
Girls, it is so important to slow down your work during pregnancy... It is just not good for you or for baby and what will happen is you will just get so burnt out and missing loads of days and driving your boss mad...I know because it happened to me.. I could not slow down because we were so busy and I was out towards the end more than I was in. If you just explain to your boss that your energy is sapped from the baby and that your doctor told you to take it handy...when you are pregnant work can not say a word to you by law. Being pregnant in the work place is like being wrapped in cotton wool. It’s because if u can bring them to court and win any case. Every boss knows this. It’s very easy to say slowly down but I’m telling you it will be worth it in the end. I’m here now in work with only 2 weeks left in here and I’m just about able to get in here I’m so tired. I don’t sleep when I’m in here either because I have 40 things on my mind. Rest is soooooo important..... :lvs