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nissi Posts: 683
Think we are going suit shopping in Limerick tomorrow (if h2b can get the day off) just wondering where will we head to? Thanks :thnk
chaos Posts: 1904
you have tony connollys on patrick st, the best selection in my opinion - thats where we booked, going in tomorrow to get h2b fitted black tie on oconnell street, mike oconnells on catherine st,
December2009 Posts: 55
Hope to go to Tony Connollys also in the next few weeks...quick question how much on average do suits for groom, best man etc cost?
nissi Posts: 683
Thanks chaos, Im useless with the names of streets is Tony Connollys still across from Arthurs Quay? Not sure about black tie, What are Mike O' Connells like?
chaos Posts: 1904
december09, suits in tony connollys are 100 each. nissi, ya its opposite arthurs quay, you cant miss it, he has 3 shops in a row, chapps, connolly for men and another one. mike oconnells is on catherine st. john deignans too on oconnell avenue. i did the rounds and found tony connollys the best plus he was only one to have exact colour of ties for us.
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Would recommend Tony Connelly's too and Simon was very nice to deal with. Also my brother bought a suit in there and an older man dealt with us and was great too. Best of luck with it. :thnk
excitementcity Posts: 1007
hi nissi bride 09 We got on really well with blacktie in Limerick. I would defo pop in there.