Swine Flu Jabs in Co Louth

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vivaladiva Posts: 864
Girls jus wanna pick your brains, those of you in co Louth Dundalk esp that got the jab, did you book online or ring to book?!! I want to book 2/12 but will only let me book a wk in advance but gives no num to ring n book! What num do you ring?! Thanks in advance!
Wannabe Posts: 181
I got mine in the haymarket clinic in Drogheda, I booked it online at www.swineflu.ie i dont think there is a number you can ring which i think is ridiciolus noteverybody has access to internet
Hugz Posts: 410
I went to the HSE clinic in Dundalk. Booked online but couldnt make it that day so went two days earlier with no appointment and they were fine about it and gave me jab. However that was in 1st wk when things werent so busy I guess. I tried ringing HSE number and no for clinic aswell.. couldnt get any1 on HSE line and on clinic line was told all nurses doing jabs so no one available to talk and best to come in.....