Teeth Whitening €105 - opinions needed!

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Topsecretbride Posts: 147
Evening all, Just saw an offer on pigs for laser tooth whitening for 105 euro instead of 225 euro. The offer is with the white house in Swords, Dundrum and Galway and is only valid for another day (you buy a voucher and they honour that price for 3 months) but I know nothing about them- have any of ye heard of them or does anyone have any feedback. Thanks a mill :thnk
sassyshoes Posts: 93
Not sure of that place, but if your looking for teeth whitening I was highly recommend, crest whitening strips via ebay etc, they are brilliant !! I would use them every year, and it makes your teeth so white !! And it last, my sister got her teeth professional whitened and it barely last a month. Highly recommend O:o)
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Sounds like a fantastic offer! I got laser whitening last month and it's brilliant. I have to use the Gum Shield 3 days before my wedding and thats it until the following year or if I want to go even a little Brighter. Girls be careful of the Crest Strips..have heard this from loads of people including my Dentist. it's a BLEACH and will erode away your teeth and eventually as you are older turn them grey. Bleach is not the way to go!
stick Posts: 1229
you should go for a consultantation before deciding on laser teeth whitening, not all teeth are suitable for laser whitening