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Hi everyone, All purchases of The Better Birth Book now includes our Hospital Birth Preparation CD (or Mp3) (usual price of 14.95). Are you looking for a book about pregnancy and birth in Ireland? A book that gives you the inside story on materntiy practices in Ireland, a book written by an Irish Mother working in Irish hospitals? The Better Birth Book contains everything you need to know from choosing a hospital to choosing pain relief. * How to increase your chances of having a normal birth in Ireland * Create an effective birth plan. * Is it ever too late to get an epidural? * Induction - what happens and why most women don't need it * How safe is homebirth? How to find an independent midwife. * What are my options if my baby is breech? * Waterbirths * Tips to help your partner be the best support possible. * Strategies for having a natural birth * How to avoid an episiotomy * Having a positive cesarean * What about having a normal birth after a cesarean? In addition to providing comprehensive guidance and advice on how to have a stress-free and positive experience, The Better Birth Book also provides a wealth of data on the policies and outcomes at maternity hospitals in Ireland, the rates of caesareans, episiotomies and other routine procedures, the growth in home births, water births and other alternative childbirth options and a comprehensive directory of midwives, birth assistants and other childbirth practitioners in Ireland. What the Irish Times said about The Better Birth Book - [i:22tq6tuw]'Lively and user friendly and includes lots of science and case studies' 'Donegan focuses almost exclusively on labour and childbirth and her book is a determined exercise in helping women assert control and individuality and explore alternative options"[/i:22tq6tuw] [i:22tq6tuw]A wonderful and eye-opening look at modern birth in Ireland that will be invaluable for 21st century mothers-to-be.” -- Dr Sarah Buckley[/i:22tq6tuw] [i:22tq6tuw] "Twenty years ago nobody would have dared to question the links between the exceptionally low rates of cesareans and the practice of 'active management of labour'. What has happened in Ireland these past twenty years? Read Tracy's book and you'll find the answers" - Dr. Michel Odent[/i:22tq6tuw] Happy shopping! Tracy
GentleBirth Posts: 750