Too early in the month or not?? please help!!

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Mrsreddy Posts: 472
hi ladies not sure whether to post this here or ttc but sure i'll ask anyway. i'm on cd 23 at the moment and i finished taking the pill last month. I stopped taking it on a wed even though the packet was til sat as dh and I had decided to ttc for baby no 2!! so i started cd1 as normal and on roughly cd 9 or cd 10 we dtd and began to actively try for no 2. However then ds 1 got the chicken pox and we stopped trying. however for the past 4/5 days i'm very nauseous and getting dizzy spells. I also felt quite bloated but not too bad this morning. The nauseau (sp?) would be in the morning and evening. I had quite bad ms on ds for the 1st 12 weeks and dont usually get nauseous the time my period is due. Sorry for such long post - basically i'm just wondering would it have been too early in the month to get pg?? cant remember the symptoms if i was ovlualting or not :-8 panicing a bit as didnt expect to get pg so quickly on no2??? thanks ladies :xxx
Salander Posts: 1639
Hey Mrsreddy it could be just your body adjusting to coming off the pill - similar thing happened with me - had loads of pg symptoms but got bfn on cd 30 & 35. ended up having a 53 day cycle! if you get a bfn - i would just check with your gp to see if its your blood pressure or something. just to let you know i got pg on month 5 after coming off the pill but my cycles were a bit all over the place. best of luck!
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Really you won't know til you test - don't forget lots of people have gotten pregnant after just missing 1 or 2 pills so anything is possible!