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secret26 Posts: 87
What way does it go I have Priest Father of groom, Mother of groom Best man Groom Bride Bridesmaid Mother of bride and Father of bride I want to have the parents together so everyone is comfortable. The priest is a freind of grooms family so should her sit on their side. Thanks
xlexi Posts: 595
[url:pg4xc38m][/url:pg4xc38m] This link gives some info on it but I think it's really up to your self at the end of the day.
kitten_77 Posts: 826
i wouldnt get too caught up in it... just seat people who you think will chat and get on. I'm not really into the top table lay out - just a personal thing - i would have an oval table in the middle of the floor rather than everyone sitting in a row at the top of the room. I think people are moving away from the really formalised top table layout so dont feel like the rules are set in stone.