Travelling with dress, Aer Lingus.

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Celine83 Posts: 15
Hi all, Just wanted to give some of the destination brides a heads up! I had read here that a lot of you had very positive experiences with Aer Lingus, especially when it came to hanging up dresses etc. I traveled to Faro with my dress a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough that I had rolled my dress into my hand luggage, as I had arranged to get it steamed when I arrived. However there was another bride on the flight who had her dress on a hanger in the hope the they would hang it. They down right refused to hang it up! Now the flight was full so perhaps that made a difference. She got quite upset but there was no sympathy and no talking them around. She had to put it up in hand luggage, without the protection of a case! I know some of the staff are very accommodating but they were not budging on this particular day! Don't want to unnecessarily upset any of you, but it is not guaranteed!
Noisin Posts: 448
I also got married abroad. Mine was rolledup in tissue paper and rolled into a black refuse bag and popped in a case with nothing else. The minute I got to apartment, rolled in out, hung it in bathroom and ran a very hot shower, so the steam would help it was lace and apparently travels the best, wouldn't like to have rolled up satin, silk or chiffon the same way. I didn't even ask just popped my case on the plane. But there was Another bridal party and the girl/bride was sitting up the top with dress draped across a few seats. Plane was pretty full too. She obviously had rang ahead or got lucky. I had rang but was given no guarantees. And lady in shop a day or two before wrapped it up and told me not to open it again until I got over there. My poor dress in a refuse bag but it was perfect.
Lalsi2016 Posts: 38
Celine83 that's so terrible,imagine all the money that's spent on dresses just for them to thrown over head,I'm getting married in Portugal next June and I'll be minding my dress like a baby, how did your wedding go?i saw your older post regarding meat/fish our hotel is insisting they know before hand what everyone wants,i can't get my head around it,who knows 6months before the day what they did it work out for your day?