using gym while Pregnant

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baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls quick question is it safe to go to the gym while pregnant im just over 4 weeks not sure how safe it woul;d be . I also go salsa dancing is this ok!! im so clueless!
charli Posts: 5994
i continued in the gym when i was prg but only did the treadmill and swimming as thats all i felt up for, i was really tired so even the treadmill was a chore but found the swimming great not sure about crosstrainers/weights machines though
Elliecat Posts: 2725
I think if you've been going to the gym you can continue doing it, but you should speak to one of the instructors about what you can and can't do - things like weights would obviously be restricted, as are anything you do on your back - the exercise balls for example. Any qualified gym instructor should be able to keep you right though.
summer daisy Posts: 1336
like charli I continued at the gym but mainly only used the swimming pool because I was too tired to do anything else. Found the swimming great though.. after swimming I used to sleep for 12 hours (with perhaps one or two loo breaks)
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
perhaps they have other types of activities you could enjoy that are not so impactful - like pilates or yoga? good on you for keeping going!!
bizgunne Posts: 42
Hi, I'm just over 16 weeks and I'm still going to the gym. I had a review with my instructor yesterday and he said it's still fine to do most cardio work, but leave out the running as it's too high impact. The cross trainers, the stepper and the bike are all safe to use as they're low impact. Regards weights just lift lighter weights and avoid anything that impacts your abdominal muscles but as you are so early on in the pregnancy you can still do most ab work. You only have to restrict doing exercises on your back from 16 weeks onwards. I'd say book a review with your instructor and you can tailor your program and still continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy. Hope this helps! [img:22e25l7q];18;11/st/20071212/dt/5/k/7b44/preg.png[/img:22e25l7q] [/url] [img:22e25l7q];42;95/st/20080524/e/The+Big+Day/dt/5/k/b392/event.png[/img:22e25l7q] [/url]
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
hi I joined the Ulimate Women Gym a few weeks ago. and I asked them was it still ok to use it if I was pregnant cause at the time I thought I was, and they said it was ok bu only go twice a week and after 12 weeks I wasn't aloud use the machines for the tummy or do any ab exercises So you can use it away. :o)ll Yvonne, :lvs
Cowslip Posts: 761
Hi baby4me, I am still going to the gym and doing weights. I got the personal trainer in the gym to do up a workout plan for me when I was 14 weeks. I think the main things to keep in mind after your first trimester is no lying on the flat of your back (an inclined bench is fine), no lifting weights above your head, like a shoulder press. Only lift weights that you can do 15 repetitions of easily, so that you don't strain at all and your breathing remains level. No ab work. No running, but as bisgunne said, the crosstrainer etc..are fine. And I suppose just be careful, you can get injured much more easily when pregnant so just make sure your technique is good when lifting weights, always bend at the knees when picking them up, especially off the floor. As time goes by you will just know what to ease back on, I have slowly being easing off as the months go by, using slightly lighter weights, doing less at each workout etc...your body will just let you know what to do. I ask my doctor every time I go in if what I am doing is still OK, they always say that so long as I feel fine doing it and I'm not overdoing it, then I can keep going....
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
As a personal trainer, I train my pregnant clients right up until the very end of the 9 months. The first thing to eliminate from your workout is any overhead press, e.g. the shoulder press machine. I also eliminate squats and replace them with seated leg presses. During the last few months, the only cardio machine I recommend is the recumbent bike - it supports the lower back and doesn't put any stress on the baby. Leg extensions, Seated Leg Presses, the Abductor/Adducator Machine and Seated Leg Curls are the only machine exercises I use in the last few months - they strengthen the thighs, hips and midsection -which obviously helps a lot during labour. Beyond that, I do floor exercises with my clients, concentrating on strengthening the core muscles and the hips. [color=blue:23t13usx][size=200:23t13usx][b:23t13usx]PAUL[/b:23t13usx][/size:23t13usx][/color:23t13usx]