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littlemiss Posts: 109
Totally NWR! My sister just had a beautiful baby girl a week and a half ago, alls well which is great.... but on the phone last night my mother tells me 'your sisters back in her own jeans, isn't that great'..... ahhh Yes of course it's great and by know means was my mother getting a dig at me.. But I took it that way.... and instead of feeling happy for my sister I felt pi**ed off and depressed. I need to loose some weight nothing major but I'm finding it hard to motivate myself.... is this my sisters fault NO.. So why do I feel like this. I feel like such a bitch, but can't help it. Is this a normal sibling thing or am I some sad, twisted git???
Mrs O'Neill Posts: 417
Did you have a baby recently? Then, maybe it was a dig. Different people get back into shape at different rates so don't worry about it. If you didn't have a baby but have a belly (like me :( ) don't feel bad about it either!! I'm sure you fit in your own jeans too!!
ed* Posts: 402
Aahhhh don't feel bad. I'd say it might just be the fact that you are sensitive about your weight and yet your sis has managed to have a baby and lose the weight instantly.... Completely natural IMO. Best of luck, and don't let it get you down :wink:
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
my god people who snap back to pre-baby weight really annoy me :twisted: don't let her get to you, mothers have a way of being so hurtful and half the time i'm convinced they don't even realise. also, the sibling rivalry issue - i'm constantly being compared to my younger/thinner/fitter/sucessful sistar and it wrecks my head!!
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
Listen, not only is it a sybling thing but its also a major woman thing! For the love of God, when will we learn to just be happy with ourselves?? I have tortured myself for years about my weight. I have 2 children and I swear to God I'm the only woman in this whole town that didn't walk out of the bloody maternity ward in my pre-pregnant jeans :evil: I firmly believe that we should all accept ourselves for what we are as confidence makes any size look beautifull. If your comfortable in your own skin it shows. However, as much as I know all this it doesn't change me being a typical woman feeling guilty over every "bold" thing I eat :roll: It takes 9 months for your body to get to the size you are full term so it should take at least 9 months for it to go back. The women that defy this logic are extremely blessed.
littlemiss Posts: 109
Thanks for the replies, I was worried it was a bit of a naf post, but I wanted to talk to someone about it, when I said it to H2B he just laughed which was not the reaction I wanted!! So I’m normal enough then... thank god. Told H2B that from Monday I wanted him to nag me about getting of my ass and start doing stuff. And yes Mrs Dtb you are right we should all accept ourselves for what we are as confidence makes any size look beautiful. My problem is most of the time I'm happy enough and then I get an attack of.. well the blues or something, and I get dragged down to that black hole... which takes at least 1 pack of crisps with a great big white bread roll(evil bread), 1 can of coke and a dirty Chinese thrown in for good measure! This in turn sparks the guilt and I start the exercise again until I feel good ... and on it goes. ahh. Thanks again.
MrsSan Posts: 475
Don't feel bad, i'm sure thats perfectly normal to feel that way. You are probably just sensitive about the issue at the moment and your mam might not have meant to hurt you at all. So you have a new baby niece now, enjoy and don't let matters like weight get you down - we all have our bad days.
( ! ) Posts: 345
[color=indigo:f6mjwfov]Nope... your sister is a complete cow and prob got liptsuction just to rub your nose in it... I suggest you go round, kick the sh*t outta her while forcing cream buns down her gannet.... then head to pizza hut :wink: [/color:f6mjwfov]
ed* Posts: 402
littlemiss - I think you have just described how the majority of women who want to lose weight feel ! ! ! :D Fine one day and then the tiniest thing just triggers you off and you feel down in yourself (trying on clother in fitting rooms does that for me! :twisted: )
*Smajra* Posts: 1440
:lol: :lol: @ Mrs Sleepy