VBAC: I don't know if I can push this baby out

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Skippy Posts: 1834
In all seriousness, it seems like such a mental thing to do. I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My daughter was born my C Section after a failed induction. So not only have I never pushed a baby out I have never experienced labour either! I didn't dilate at all during induction so midwives have told me I have never experienced labour in that case. Must say I did think the 6 hours I was induced was a piece of piss so wasn't too surprised when they told me I hadn't even effaced lol! What happened was my waters started to leak on a sunday, and we waited 48 hours for natural labour to begin, after which I was induced, which didn't work and I ended up in the theatre. Baby was fine, I was fine and there was no emergency as such. My daughters head never engaged at all, even after the induction, which does indicate that my pelvis could be a bit on the small side. So after umming and awwing for the last 8 months I have finally decided that I want to try push the baby out. My Dr is well behind me, in fact he's been keen for a vbac from the day I went in after my BFP! He says there's no reason I can't try. But the thing is I just cannot see myself pushing this baby out. It really seems like science fiction to me! I mean, a baby, perhaps 7lb 14oz (as was my daughter) making it's way out through my vagina?? Who invented that?? That's ridiculous! Isn't it?? Must point out that the Obst I had on my last pregnancy insisted from 37 weeks, that I was too small to push the baby out. He predicted I would go into labour but that nothing would happen. And he was kind of right. He told me each and every time I saw him after the section that I was tiny, that I should just book in next time at 38.5 weeks and he told me that had I managed to go into labour and push the baby out I would have turn very badly, both ways and it would have been nasty. I can't get his comments out of my head. And i'm wrecked tired now and just want the child out and i'm so tempted to book in for a repeat section in 3 weeks time but I need some serious encouragement not to do this! So give it to me girls!
OAT Posts: 2207
Just wanted to reply to let you know you'll be fine and most certainly can push then baby out. Woman have been doing it for years & years and when it comes to labour our bodies just know what to do and get on with it, all we have to do is breath and push. You'll be fine hun, probably just having last minute nerves :action32 :action32 Best of luck xx
Skippy Posts: 1834
LOL! Thanks Oat. Yes last minute nerves is right, and it's not like I can back out either! One way or another this bub is coming out. Am in a more positive frame of mind today, just hope when I do go into labour, that it happens on a "good" day...
lmc1978 Posts: 423
Hi Skippy, I just wanted to post and say good luck with your VBAC. I hope you can come back and update this post and let us know how you get on. I have no advice but am hoping for a VBAC myself next June so I wish you all the best and hope everything goes well for you and baba. Take care.
kala Posts: 1937
you can do it- i had a VBAC 17 months after ds1- without an epi as babys head was too high up and i'd do it again in the morning. you need a PMA- positive mental attitude. you go girl
Skippy Posts: 1834
Kala: Did your babies head engage at all? Why wouldn't the give you an epi because the head was too high up?? Would really be grateful if you could give me a bit more detail on those two points, thanks! (my dd's head never engaged on my last pregnancy). For sure I will update this post, whatever the outcome. Have read plenty of positive VBAC attempts and stories on here before and I hope to have one too!
kala Posts: 1937
skippy the head never enagaged as i went into labour myself 3 weeks early. dont have a clue why they said i'd have another section if i did. maybe cos the epidural would slow things down and the baby would go into distress. ds1 went into fetal distress when i got to 6cm and thats why i had emergency section
Skippy Posts: 1834
Thanks Kala. It's great to hear all the different experiences people have.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i'd book a section. cons told me the same i was very narrow thank god babs was breech so i didn't have to go through the pain to discover i was too small. i did contract quite hard, he was amazed that i couldn't feel it on the trace.
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Hopefully it will all go well for you. It always seems impossible until you do it. I am quite slight so i couldnt' imagine it either but i managed to push DD out. I have two friends both of who had successful VBAC's, one was induced. GOod luck with it all. XX