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MrsWorldCupBride1 Posts: 32
Hey there!! Had trouble logging in so had to create another account!! As some of you know i was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, just after my 30th birthday. I had surgery in November and started chemo a week before christmas. I was told I was going to lose my hair so I decided I wasn't going to wait for it to fall out and organised a sponsored head shave with my aunt. Have just counted what we've raised so far (money still coming in!!!) and we've got €5770!!! We're splitting the money between the local cancer support group and my camogie team! I never in a million years thought that we'd raise that much!! I would have been happy with €1000 between them!! Called into the bank there today and picked up a couple of those big cheques and will be doing a presentation at the camogie dinner dance in a few weeks!! Its so nice to see people being generous with their hard earned money!!!
Jawl Posts: 8881
MrsWorldCupBride, you are a credit to yourself! Well bloody done you, and fair play to you for picking yourself up from such a shock and a hard time and doing something positive out of it. Hope you are doing well, and that the chemo is not too hard on you. You are an inspiration to everybody! :thnk
Sweet8 Posts: 1285
[color=#400040:24stmbyq]That's fantastic! Congratulations WorldCupBride! Hope you're keeping well :thnk [/color:24stmbyq]
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Fairplay to you, that's a great achievement. Hope you're doing ok.
theoracle Posts: 7664
That is an absolutely fantastic amount, you have every reason to be proud especially seeing that you have turned around such a difficult personal challenge into a good cause. I really do hope that the chemo treatment is 100% succesful for you and that you will regain your full health. :thnk
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Well done! Could you PM me the back account details so i can donate?
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
Wow that's amazing, huge congratulations MrsWorldCupBride! :thnk Hope all your treatment is going well and you're well on the road to recovery. :action32
lux Posts: 6270
That's amazing, well done. I have had two aunts suffering from breast cancer, both of them came through all the treatment and have the all-clear. Best of luck with the treatment and recovery!
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Good on ya- that's a great amount to raise. O-O Hope that your treatment is going well.
circus123 Posts: 379
wow you really are an inspriration. it would have been so easy and nobody would have blamed you to be very down and have no interest in anything after getting news like that, but it is amazing how you did something so positive with it. huge congrats to you and i hope you have a full recovery :thnk