Wart need to remove

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Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I have never had a wart before and now that I'm pregnant I have this one on my finger, have been ignoring it for weeks but it's really bugging me. Is there anything I can get rid of it with that would be safe for the baby?
theoracle Posts: 7664
I think normal treatment is to freeze it off and that would certainly not harm babs. I believe that you can do it yourself, there is like stuff you can buy to get rid of warts, e.g. from Scholl ask in the pharmacy and they can confirm whether there are any downsides for the pregnancy. http://www.foothealthcare.com/acatalog/ ... Warts.html
babyboom Posts: 294
Hi Delta Nu I'm the same as you have a wart on my finger that I really want rid of! I had been using a freezing spray from the chemist to remove the wart I didn't realise wasn't suitable for pregnant women or nursing mothers! :-8 I was about 12 wks at the time I asked the pharmacist if there was anything he would recommend as it wasn't going & he said best to speak to my GP as I was pregnant Forgot to mention to my GP at 20 wk check up but I will when I go again as I would love to get rid of the wart a.s.a.p. If you are going to try something over the counter I would just be careful to read the back 1st - (not like me).
grumpy Posts: 1280
I would just leave it. I had one on my finger while pregnant also (just where my cuticle is) and it disappeared a while after I gave birth. Its annoying and ugly, but harmless.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Well I went to the chemist yesterday and he gave me Compound W said it was fine!?
fancypants Posts: 453
hi don't know if this will help - but I had a gross wart on my heel - chiropdist said he couldn't remove it with the freezing thing as it might damage the tendons behind it. he recommended I put zovirak (or whatever way you spell it the stuff for coldsores on it) And OH my God it has been amazing - just rubbing a bit in every night and the thing has pracitically dissappeared - in just a few weeks But again not sure if Zovirak is ok when your pregannt - probably not, nothing is!
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi Delta Nu, I had a wart on my heel and waited til after the birth. Wanted to use the freeze spray from the chemist but it actually fell off itself when I was taking off a pair of woolly tights. Don't know why or hoe that hapened but am delighted. Was afraid to try anything during the pregnancy.