wedding budget spreadsheet

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hands Posts: 152
about 4 months ago some supplier posted a link to a wedding budget spreadsheet which was brillant and i've used constatly but about a month a go my computer overheated and i lost everything as it wasn't backed up just wondering if someone had the lik it was something to do with waterford crystal i think i've tried goggling but can't find it
Shoelover Posts: 473
think i have the one you are talking about a friend emailed it to me. if you pm me your email i'll forward it on to you i dunno how to attach it up on this thing its an excel sheet entitled 'copy of waterford wedding planner' its fab i use it too
Shoelover Posts: 473
found the link in my old emails! it's very good! but it'll scare the bejaysus out of ye! :eek :eek ... _blank.xls
hands Posts: 152
Oh brilliant get to do the maths again all day tomorrow!!! Yes very very scary how quickly you spend money on these things without even being crazy
Layla20 Posts: 1089
Thats brilliant, just put in a few figures, scary how quickly it all adds up!!
2BMrs Posts: 376
I have 2 of them - 1 for me and 1 I show h2b :o0 :o0
oneday Posts: 138
[quote="2BMrs":33apddoq]I have 2 of them - 1 for me and 1 I show h2b :o0 :o0[/quote:33apddoq] lol, great idea, every b2b is now copying and doctoring their budget spreadsheet as we speak :o0 :o0
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Thanks for the idea 2BMrs!!
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
thanks girls for posting the link to the budget sheet - I lost mine too and have to start again. cheers
SuziQ Posts: 428
HOLY FOOKING JEBUS..... I have my own version but eeeeh I left out a few things DARN!!!! Cheers for posting it up....