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futuremrskelly Posts: 220
Hi All, How long in advance did you guys choose your dress? I am November 18 and am just itching to do dress shopping. Im in the midlands and want to go to Galway and Monaghan dress shopping as there are 2 shops i really want to visit but not sure if im going too early - i dont want to pick a dress and see another one i love - or just wait!
Sarah1988 Posts: 67
I think they recommend 8 months so I don't see a big deal with you going 9 and half months away. Spend the next few weeks looking and by the time you make a final decision it will prob be just over 8 months away. I found that when I tried on my dress, then went away and came back a few weeks later and tried it again I then knew it was "the one".
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
November 2018? I would say wait until at least the 12 month mark, you will have yourself driven stir crazy by the time your wedding comes around! The styles and collections will all have changed by the time the wedding comes and you will be second guessing your choice the whole time. I would say wait at least until November if you can!
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
Nothing stopping you from trying dresses, although yes I would agree that it might be too early to buy. I got mine 16 months before my I still love it and the date is looming near but I didn't see it for over a year as the boutique I got it with holds on to it. I've to still get alterations and minor adjustments next month. Pros to getting it early is it's a tick off the list and one less thing to stress theory. Con is that you will stress if you made the right choice, did you pay to much or want another style? Will your weight change drastically by 2018? It's all down to you but make sure you have your theme and venue selected first as they will impact on your dress choice. But seriously, nothing to stop you trying one or two stores and just getting a feel for the experience. Go with no obligation to buy and try things you'd never dream of wearing at your actual wedding but just experiment and have fun. That's just my advice x
Sarah1988 Posts: 67
Apologies I completely got that wrong. I thought you meant November 18th this year. I would agree with the previous posts, be careful choosing too soon as your taste, the fashion could change drastically. You could lose or put on a lot of weight etc. No harm and trying on some for a bit of fun though and to get ideas on what you might like :)
CasualBride Posts: 574
Totally agree with BuzzyBee, I got mine 14 months before my wedding and had it stashed at my friend's house so that i wouldn't see it. It was great to have it ticked off the list, but I did worry that I wouldn't like it anymore, so it's hard to call. I agree with the OPs, go and have a look as soon as you want, but just enjoy the process of going shopping cos you know you're not under pressure to make any decisions.
futuremrskelly Posts: 220
Thanks so much for all your replies, Ladies! Sorry Sarah1988 - i should have said 2018! My wedding has been booked for almost a year at this stage and i have most major things covered - thought the dress could be ticked off the list but taking yer advise ill wait until November of this year possibly even Jan of next yr! I'm just tooooo impatient!