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aoneill Posts: 6
Please advise where best to buy a wedding dress getting wed in October 2006. Have checked out scarlett brides website in Ennis are just love their stock. Any other good stores?
lopats Posts: 692
got mine from ebay is it october 06? or 07? are you not lieaveing it a bit late for october 06? maybe im wrong!!
cathycakes Posts: 127
hi aoneill it is very late if nits oct06 most wedding dress shops tell you it takes about 6 months to order in a dress unless you buy one off the shelf.i went to scarletts as well when i was looking for mine went on a bad day though lots of the dresses werent their cause their was lots of wedding fairs on but they do have beautiful stuff a few of my friends got theirs mine in amber angels in charleville found them really helpful and they have lovely stuff.theirs fabulous wedding dress shops all over ireland if i had my way and the time would have loved to have went to them all but you would only drive yourself advice is to check the shops in your own town or city 1st. happy hunting you will know it the minute you try it on i think.
Lilybel Posts: 183
Monsoon do off the rail bridal dresses. Also the Bridal outlet in Baldoyle sell off the rail. You will be able to get a dress, try not to worry. Give them a ring or check out Monsoons website. Best of luck. :)
BB1 Posts: 752
McElhinneys in Athboy sell all their dresses off the shelf so you dont need to order it in, they have a good selection too. Good luck!
mad woman Posts: 22106
alice_ngws Posts: 4
I buy online too from a Hong Kong seller. I paid only $300 and get a dress worth $1000. Wow!!! Best value. However, my friend is not so lucky. She bought from a China seller on eBay at $150 but the fabric is yellow and the craftmanship is too bad, beads came out of the gown.
alice_ngws Posts: 4
Oh!!! Forgotten to give you the detail. Please try the following link: The seller's name is heiphy and got 100% positive feedback.