Wedding Hair - anyone use jeff devine wilton?

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little miss giggles Posts: 672
Really in a silly panic about booking a hairdresser. Not getting married till dec, and haven't a clue what I'm gonna do with my hair, but still wanna get someone booked now and then get a trial later?? So feedback needed please.
little miss giggles Posts: 672
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
scoby1978 Posts: 175
I go to Jeffs all of the time. Haddi is the hairdresser that I have been going to for the past four or five years. I'm not sure if he does up styles but he's a genius with hair. He wouldn't put you wrong with a recommendation. Hope it goes well.
little miss giggles Posts: 672
Oh thanks scoby1978 I get my hair cut and colored there too, but didn't know what they werelike for 'wedding hair'!! Haddi is the gut that was recomended to me too for upstyles.
Quinn2be2010 Posts: 205
I was a bridesmaid in dec and the bridal party got their hair done there. My daughter who was flowergirl got hers done as well and they didn't even charge us for hers. They did a great job all our hair lasted throughout night. However for some reason one of the bridemaids got booked in at 9.30 while we were all booked in for 9.00. She was actually booked in under the stylist that was doing my hair, so she had to wait until they had stylist free for her. The thing is they never told us about this mistake I only found this out cos i over heard two of the stylists talking. All in all she was finished only ten mins after us.
little miss giggles Posts: 672
Thanx quinn2be2010!
little miss giggles Posts: 672