Wedding Wish Trees to buy in Ireland....??

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FaerieBride Posts: 182
Hi wollies, Does anyone know of somewhere in Ireland that [i:2k53r7el]sells[/i:2k53r7el] these types of wedding wish trees (alternative to guest book) [url:2k53r7el][/url:2k53r7el] I know a lot of decor companies hire these out but we are looking to purchase one outright as we want to keep it afterwards as a piece for our house.... there are loads of sites in the US and UK that sells these (the one above is just an example of one I found on Etsy) but I'd be nervous about paying so much for something like this (it could become very expensive with shipping and customs also!!) and potentially it could get damaged in the process... So if anyone knows of somewhere you can buy these here it would be great... would happily drive anywhere!!
Panama Posts: 383
This crowd had one at the wedding fair at the weekend. Doesn't see to be on the site though, but they definitely have them P x
amthee Posts: 688
Hey this is a company in Galway that sells them. They can send them by courier. If they don't have the height that you want you could always try to get someone to make them for you. I got my cousin to make me a pair of trees.
wannabekate Posts: 14
I'm getting my Dad to make mine... And when was trying to describe what I wanted he said 'so you want a bit of a bush cut and sprayed'. Had to agree that that is basically what I want. I'd totally agree with you that it could get very expensive to order this online. I haven't really looked in Ireland but thought I'd mention the homemade option in case you know someone creative.
FaerieBride Posts: 182
Thanks girls! Will definitely give that company in Galway a shout, I'm hoping to get a gold one but I'm sure I could spray paint the one they have for sale... will be interesting!!!!!!
rosiedeee Posts: 91
Hi Faeriebride Just want to second making your own wishing tree, I've looked into ordering manzanita branches for my wedding but cant really justify the price for delivery. An alternative to this could be curly willow branches put in plaster paris, and then spray painted gold. The effect would be very similar to the manzanita. I'll upload a picture to show you. Hope it comes through. [attachment=0:zppiv10q]Curly Willow.jpg[/attachment:zppiv10q]
lilywhite2013 Posts: 7
Hi wollies, Love the wishing tree idea. We got ours from an Irish company called for our wedding during the summer. It was a real tree (cherry blossom) supplied complete with little heart shaped tags :heartbeat: and a little rhyme giving all our guests instructions for what to do. The best thing is we get to keep the tree and its waiting to be planted on our site for our house (if we ever get around to it :yelrotflmaosmilie: ) where hopefully it will grow for many years and blossom around our anniversary. Such a cute idea!!! :xox :xox The tree really stands out for guests aswell so I think nearly everyone left us a message-----Ive been to so many weddings and missed the guestbook completely... :duh: :duh:
ali5 Posts: 85
Oh WOW lilywhite2013,I LOVE that you can plant the tree afterwards,that is a beautiful idea!! Going to suggest it to the OH this weekend :)
FaerieBride Posts: 182
oh just looked at the Treeco website and I'm loving this idea! Will just have to look into the garden situation to see what tree we could get that could be planted afterwards but its a great idea!! and the little poem in the frame they give you as well is very sweet!
cupidsarrow Posts: 6
hi all, im looking to have the trees as centrepieces..will need about 15 of them...where can I rent them? Weddings in three months seriously under pressure now! Thanks for all ur help in advance!