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80schick Posts: 209
tanx alot for all your replies ...... much appreciated :lvs :lvs
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
oh my god, i love it!
leeby Posts: 313
I think its beauiful honestly Im not 100% into shorter dresses but this is the nicest I have ever seen love the 1950's style of it really elegant. Good luck!!
80schick Posts: 209
tanx girls im so excited about trying it on .... i love pronovias style dresses the lacey ones etc and have tried some on there fab ... but id love something a bit different and i think this is it ..... O-O O-O
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Love it!
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv I think it's gorgeous, i have never seen a Bride in a shorter lenght dress before, love when a Bride goes for something drifferent :lvs ..
Juno Posts: 2202
Its both elegant and romantic!! O-O Mrs. Ted xx
bumchick Posts: 70
The dress is totally amazing. Would it be very cheeky to ask for some details of it, e.g designer or shop where u saw it! Not getting married for over a year but think this dress is fab, really different.
wouldntseemeinameringue Posts: 777
Gorgeous dress. I love the top. The length wouldn't suit me though but if you want something different then this is a good choice.
venice07 Posts: 564
i love it is fab so pretty