What do you think of these church songs/hymns??

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excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
Hi Wollies, Met with church singer last night and she is very enthuastic, I just know she will do a good job. What do you think of any of the following? Songbird - Entrance/Communion/Register In a Country Church Yard - Entrance Instrumental for lighting of candles Our Father sung in Irish Holy Holy sung in Irish You're song - Communion Somewhere over the rainbow - Communion The Voyage - Communion Feels Like Home - Registry Someone like you- Registry Il walk by your side - Leaving church Bridge over Troubled waters Tears in Heaven Any suggestions or feedbacK?? :o)ll
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Have you run these by your priest? They all sound lovely but the only hymns I see are the 2 prayers. It will be great if the priest is ok with having so many non religious songs included
Mrs Spud Posts: 418
Hiya Excitedbride 12, they are excellent song choices. I had Songbird for my Entrance (the bridesmaids entrance was Canon in D) We had Gabriels Oboe as our instrumental for lighting of candles The Voyage - leaving the church. Have you picked something as a responsorial psalm? bringing up the gifts? sign of peace? As OP said, you might want to check with the Priest, ours was very laid back about our music, but I've heard of others who had problems. Who is your singer/musician? :wv
corkiegirl Posts: 825
They are all beautiful songs that I love but ...yeah, normally, secular songs are fine for the processional and recessional as technically the Mass hasn't started/ has ended. But inside this, most priests will ask for hymns rather than songs unless they are for the signing of the register. Normally the Offertory hymn has to be about bread and wine or the giving of gifts (talents, ourselves etc) and Communion hymns normally have to be about being with Jesus etc. But maybe your priest is relaxed. Our priest is a relative of my OH so hoping for a bit of leeway but not sure as I don't know him that well. Would be interested to know what your priest says?
Belle28 Posts: 260
Oh i love songbird! Beautiful song. I'm walking up the aisle to that aswell. I see we are wedding twins. Not long now!
excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
[quote="Belle28":8vzp53f9]Oh i love songbird! Beautiful song. I'm walking up the aisle to that aswell. I see we are wedding twins. Not long now![/quote:8vzp53f9] Hello twin :o)ll Super excited, months are flying. How are your plans coming along?
Belle28 Posts: 260
I know the count down used to be months now its weeks!!!!!! I'm very laid back but still have a few things to do , i'll get to them eventually , ha! How about you are you all set? When are you sending your invitaions??? The other half wants to send them out at start of may as people will be going on hol's etc around the time we get married! Just curious on when your sending yours! Best of luck with wedding plans! :thnk :thnk
excitedbride2013 Posts: 205
They're lovely lovely songs, and agree you should prob check with priest.... Just maybe one suggestion - someone like you is about a couple separating and the girl hearing her ex is married, and saying that she'll find another guy like him...it's kind of a sad song??? :weep