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Bridesmaidtobe Posts: 21
Uh that would be stunning so tons of fake tan and nothing else you'll be amazing. PS there was a red Karen Millen dress from last season knee length with the exact same neck as your wedding dress. Keep an eye on ebay they might come up for BM dresses but yes black too is always classy lady ( i had black bm's too when i married) :wv
2009 Posts: 23
isparkle I think the dress is lovely, it is elegant and is different than the norm... i think it will look very classy on the day
Mrs JT Posts: 256
Isparkle, You are correct, the usual at weddings is the strapless gowns and the sparkles which is fine if that is your taste, each to their own.... Your dress really is stunning but like mine not everyone is going to like your dress so dont get down over it. As I said in my previous post your dress is beautiful and I do love the material and NO i dont think it looks like wall paper..... Your dress is very different and alot of people would not like different!!! Anyhow you go for it with your dress...It truly is stunning (and no one can advise you better than your sisters imo) :o0
Bridesmaidtobe Posts: 21
I think aswell alot of people haven't taken into consideration the time of year that you are getting married. December Winter Wedding that dress will be very charasmatic for that time of year with a different light on it than a blazing hot summer sun (not that we see much of that). yes on careful consideration the material is that extra omph for your winter wedding. I love the cut of it also. Good Choice O-O
isparkle Posts: 43
Girls thanks for all your comments, its a such a big decision and think I might of ruched into ordering it, but at the time I was sure... 5 weeks on its hard to remember exactly what it looked like, and so the doubts creep in, im sure id be the same with any dress I ordered.
Mrs JT Posts: 256
Its only natural that you start to panic and even more so when others have different views on your dress!!! Isparkle you would not have ordered this dress unless it was simply stunning on you because like the rest of us B2B's we will only settle for the best.... :o0 So chin up and look forward to yer next fitting.... It would be a boring world if we all like the same styles!!! You have one hell of an unusual dress and its fantastic.... :wv
Bridesmaidtobe Posts: 21
Yes it would have been the same with any dress I was the same with my own when I got married unlike you though i didn't have a picture of it on my computer and couldn't find one so i wasn't looking at it everyday. I know its like saying don't pick a scab but try not looking at the picture so much or you will be sick of it by the time it comes in. Put it to rest that it is a one off not a "samey boobtube" (no offence to boobtubes) >:o) and will be fantastic.. Nice to see people with a bit more imagination nowadays You should get Louboutins too :o0
Bridesmaidtobe Posts: 21 ... od60860034 Look at that for a Louboutin Autumn Winter collection
little b Posts: 113
Hi isparkle I think its absolutly beautiful,its so classy and (different) id say its far nicer in person sometimes those sites make them look not half as nice i love it and i think its great that you can wear what you want.the back is cool its so high fashion!!Its good to see something new instead the plain crap is it dear??
isparkle Posts: 43
Wow I love them, they are fantastic! I have bought clothes from Neiman Marcus before but never shoes.... Oh I love them. its great value with the dollar too! ... esp if you dont get caught for customs! Bridesmaidtobe you are a star!