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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Help, i asked last week about some spotting i had been having, some red and brown blood in EWCM when i wiped. Got it last Thurs and Fri, some girls thought it was an ovulation bleed (even though it was a week earlier than normal). But today i have been getting really bad cramps like af cramps and went to loo and same bloody discharge but this time - SORRY WAY WAY WAY TMI - there was a small almost black clot on the tissue. Im on CD16 third month ttc and have been having a 32 day cycle ov on CD19. What in the bloody (pardon the pun) hell is going on? Please help this hasnt happened before and im worried there is something wrong. :o(
fire fly Posts: 1241
hi! How far gone are you?
madmam Posts: 1294
Hi NLTG, I noticed no one else had replied - it is a bit tricky. Was your last period lighter than normal? Maybe you OV earlier than last month? Either youre already pg (lighter period last month might explain that), its an implantation bleed (earlier OV?), or it could be a breakthrough bleed (slight imbalance in hormones, easy corrected). Im no expert though, but they are the 3 things I think it could be. HTH
fire fly Posts: 1241
just saw 3mts ttc. Shorty's right, prob better to give your doc a quick ring. They're normally good when it comes to this kind of thing. Take care.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
God it is hard to know I'd do a test just to see. I had some bleeding around week 5/6 with DD.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi NLTG, Don't want to give any more advise that could be wrong. I'd suggest you do a test again and also go to your doc. It's probably nothing to worry about. Take care of you :xxx
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks girls, i really thought i was pg last month, even DH did but got af bang on time on Sun 08th. I was light enough but very painful, lasted about 2 days went for a day and then back for a day. I really dont know, i just think its too early for ov i hadnt even started using OPKs yet and way to early for implantion bleed. Its probably just a breakthrough bleed, its just that i got it last Thurs for 2 days then fine all weekend and now again today, would a breakthrough bleed normally be like this. Im having cramps with the spotting as well if that makes a difference. If it keep getting it ill go to doc on Thurs im off that day. Thanks for the replies girls. :thnk
jen2 Posts: 3106
I agree you may need to go to the doc to see what is going on. If you get more clots it make be that you need a d+c. I was having break through blleding a few years ago, and needed d+c. Actually I got pregnant the next month. Anyway hope you get it sorted. Jen2
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks Jen, it was really only one clot and it was tiny but it was almost black thats what worried me, i know old blood is brown but this was very very dark. Ill go Thurs if it doesnt clear up.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
NTLG, when did you last do a test? It might be worth checking.. sometimes unexplained bleeding can be pregnancy related.