what kind of vest for a summer baby?

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Ochre Posts: 877
Quick question please! I'm due in June and assuming we've something approaching a summer and it's not freezing cold, what kind of vest should I be putting on the baby under the babygro? I was out looking in the shops today and saw lots of short sleeved ones (tshirt sleeves) but also some with strappy sleeves (like an old man's vest). I'm guessing the baby will be in a long sleeved babygro although I saw short sleeved ones too. Honestly, it's so confusing for a first time mum to be! :-8
lush11 Posts: 2877
Im due in June too and i got the short sleeved ones. In fairness theres not much in the difference between the vest ones and the short sleeve so wouldnt worry about it too much.
Gingham Posts: 3014
I would go with short sleeve vests. I have never used those sleeveless vest ones, I actually bought a few in pennys but never used them on ds as we never had a hot enough day for him to go around with no sleeves...maybe if I was going abroad... I have packed short sleeve vests for May...
sept2012bride Posts: 218
Once you have your baby out of direct sunlight in the first 6 months and covered up any vest will do once they do not overheat (which does not happen alot in this country ;o) )