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Riona Posts: 11
I might sound really naieve ( I'm only very new at this) but does it really matter what the material is? :-8
milis Posts: 7998
Some materials are kinder than others if you have a bit of weight on, some do funny things with the light around you. Some are heavier than others too. It doesn't really matter in the general scheme of things -but it depends what you're comfortable with :wv
noc Posts: 1802
Also I think the OP was wondering about creasing too and how certain materials might look in photos. Hey [b:30hmaaa9]Tibby[/b:30hmaaa9] - I just got a little box of Leonidas from a colleague who I did a ttiiiiny favour for last week - one that was just part of my job anyway, but it got him out of a pickle and he comes in with chocolates! :thnk I wonder what he'll do if I really go out of my way for him *)
Sherry79 Posts: 88
Hiya, I think the Ellis dress your thinking of is 11034, if so this is the dress I ordered :o)ll . Its a crushed taffetta and all wrinkled appearance. I think its great as wont have to worry about wrinkles in the photo's. I just love it and have ordered it in gold colour. If you do decide to go with this dress, M&S have flower girl dresses in the exact same fabric at the moment, they are just gorgeous!! Best of Luck :thnk
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
Mine is Thai Silk, really light and comfortable to wear!! Love it!!
hairynut Posts: 55
Mine is silk tulle...it doesn't weight a thing! *)
23skidoo Posts: 1272
Mine is taffeta and I think its supposed to be creased :o0 . The style of it means I'd probaby get away with some creases, its BR style 912 (post it everywhere but I don't care cos I love it! :wv Oh yeah....did someone mention chocolate? :-8
maniemoo Posts: 582
Bobbie I'm so glad you said that about your thai silk dress! I'm getting my dress made and after much debating about material I finally decided on thai silk with a satin lining (ivory). But it's so hard to judge what the dress will look like when you're just looking at a piece of material, so for the last few days I've been freaking out that the material is too 'creasy' and that the dress won't sit or move nicely! Sorry for kinda hijacking the post guys :-8
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I'm getting mine made too...and I was shown sooo many types of material. The only one I really liked was Duchesse satin...so that 's what it is *)
Woodstock Posts: 1565
organza on satin, beddings embroidened on organza on the train and along the breast line