what skincare products are allowed on problem skin??

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nikbic Posts: 344
hia again im very new 2 all this. im around 7-8weeks pregnant. ive always had acne controled with the pill. ive used clean & clear wash etc. so what washes or spot creams can i use now if any??
Ochre Posts: 877
Nikbic, I've the opposite problem; my skin is really dry and sorry to say that my eczema really flared up big time after my BFP (not to mention my cold sores - ugh!). I found that my GP was the only one who was really able to tell me what I could and couldn't use. I tried the pharmacy but the first time, I got a pharmacy assistant who just didn't know and even with the pharmacist, they were happier if I was able to say that my GP had confirmed something was ok to use. So, I'm afraid if it were me, I'd ask my GP - for medicated creams anyway. I'd be really surprised if something like clean and clear wash was a problem but you just don't know!