What to expect from first doctors appointment?

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sionnach1981 Posts: 5
Hi All, I'm just wondering if I could get some information? I'm six weeks pregnant (my first) and I just booked my first Doc appointment for Thursday afternoon. Could anyone tell me what to expect from the first appointment? Like is it a full medical examination (including smear *eek* etc?) Or is it just a test and a chat? Would really appreciate some info :wv
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Firstly congrats! Different doctors do different things at appointments but I don't think any do smears so you're ok on that front! For me doc confirmed my pregnancy, talked through ante-natal options, had quick chat about food/drink/smoking etc and sent a referral off to the maternity hospital - this is not required by all so yours may or may not do this. Many GPs will take your own test as confirmation that you are pregnant so don't be disappointed if you don't get a test done there!
sionnach1981 Posts: 5
Thanks very much Ohsotired! Just didn't know what to expect and didn't want to getting any scary surprises!! This is all so new- but good new :-)
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
As ohsotired said every doc is different. Mine took pregnancy test (most don't bother), took bloods and blood pressure and that was it, she never talked to me about things like food to avoid or exercises etc....so if you have some questions prepared (unlike me) then that would be most helpful. She never explained anything about the hospital and just presumed I was going public (I am but she could've stopped to ask!) and said that I should expect a letter from the hospital with scan date pretty soon after (which in fairness I did). I've seen my doctor twice so far and spoke to her once on the phone and try not to get too disappointed (like I did) that she doesn't share the same excitement about it as you do!!! CONGRATULATIONS though, its a fantastic time (well so far for me!!!) :stork: :stork: :stork: