when did you feel baby move on second pregnancy

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hebe Posts: 22
Hi, Just wondering when peoplr felt baby move on their second pregnancy. I am nearly 17wks and dont think i have felt baby move yet. My ds is 15mths and i would be a round a size 14/16. dont know if this makes any difference but thought I would have felt movement by now thanks
Silini2 Posts: 3834
VERY early on the 2nd baby, 13 weeks. Now i am a size 8 so i dunno if that makes a difference. If you are worried i'd get GP to maybe have a listen to baby. They do say that your size makes a difference. I'd say that's all it is. As far as i know 18-22 weeks is normal. XX
Wife09 Posts: 873
Im a size 14 and felt flutters last week , had proper kicks at 16/17weeks on DD. It totally depends on the person and I think 20 weeks is the norm for people!