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daisies Posts: 23
Hey girls, We decided tcc last April and came off the pill in May. I am now on day 32 and just wondering if I should test this week. I have very very mild crampy feeling and I know this could definately be the start of my AF. Would you wait till friday or so??. Problem is I have no idea what my natural cycle is since i have been on the pill for years. Anyways - just thought I'd share and i know there are millions of posts about this, but janey its a bit nerve wracking!!
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Daisies, It's a tricky one alright but my own view on it would be to wait as long as possible, especially given that your cycle length isn't clear. If you have AF pains, it could mean either really but that if you were going to get them, you should probably get them in another week or so. I would wait until the weekend anyway and see how you feel then. I think it's easier to hold off and see what happens, then getting into the whole testing thing. There's the whole thing about getting negatives when you still might be pregnant etc. that it really is better to wait as long as possible, best of luck!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i agree with mrs peg, i know its hard but hold off a little longer, as she said it could come up negative when you actually are preg wait til end of week/ wknd at least
daisies Posts: 23
Thanks girls - I know that makes sense. I'm gonna wait till Sat and then see. I think you are right tho - its easier to hold off than to get a negative.