When to decide private/public?

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Strawberryfield Posts: 53
Hi girls, We have pretty much decided that we are going to go private as this is out first and we had a mmc in december. I recieved the 1st apointment letters (both private and public) yesterday. The private one is at 13weeks and the public one is at 8 weeks. Ideally I would like to go to the public one as well. But can I do that? Can I go and pretend that I am still undecided about public or private? because I know from the last time that your form/folder is started at your first visit. Can you have it started in the public and then continued in the private? Has anyone any experience of this? Thanks, SF
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Congratulations on your BFP :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll As far as I know you wouldnt be able to do that as you are either public or private and cant change from one to the other and continue with both (I am open to correction). As far as I know with private you must bring a big amount of your fee with you for your booking appointment, so there wouldnt be any point in paying that if you are not going to continue as a private patient.
Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Hi I'm in same situation can't decide if I want to go public or private really down to financial situation but I would rather the care of a consultant on my first. But I can't C wat wud b wrong going to the public visit and then deciding on which care u wud prefer. U cud then cancel you private appt. or let the Public system know that U got a cancellation with a consulatant and want to go private. ??
Perci Posts: 3847
I don't see any harm in going to the public appt. first and then telling them you've decided to go private. It would be more difficult the other way round because of the large booking fee you have to pay.
Strawberryfield Posts: 53
Hi Girls, Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I think I should be ok going for the early public scan and then going private afterwards, if that is still our choice. At the moment that is our plan, I was just wondering if anyone could see a reason that we couldn't do that. They give you the folder so I presume you can take that to the private clinic afterwards, or is that considered bad form? Thanks again girls. Excited and nervous SF
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Strawberry is your 8 week scan in the EPU? If it is then you dont book in that day, I had an early scan at 8 weeks and once the scan went well I had to then tell the girl at the reception of the EPU that I needed to make an appointment to book in and I then got another appointment for 14 weeks. I was public. If this is the case then there would be no problem with you going to the 8 week scan.
Strawberryfield Posts: 53
Hey Happymammy2010, Yes, I think it is in the EPU alright. It eases my mind that this is not a booking scan (no lies/fibs). What is different having a scan in the EPU? Is this one an internal scan? Thanks again, SF
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
If the scan at 8 weeks in the the EPU it will be a scan for dating purposes and to make sure everything is ok, its more a reasurrance scan for you. At 8 weeks you should only have an external scan but they may do an internal. The internal is not sore at all so if they do suggest this dont panic. Best of luck with your scan. Let us know how you get on.
RoisinDubh Posts: 4
Hi girls, we're trying to ttcno2 at the moment. We went public on our ds1 but are considering going private this time. Just wondering about the booking fee and costs etc., - we are with VHI - will they be able to cover most of the fees???? What if we went private with consultant appointments only - would VHI cover this?? I know it's a bit early for us to be thinking of it when we haven't got pregnant yet but would love to know what our options are :babydust:
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
depending on what scheme you are on private insurance pay all the hospital costs directly (I was in hospital last week and it was €1017 just for the room per night and I assume all the tests etc are more) but this gets paid directly from insurer to hospital. The private insurance also pays a small contribution to the consultants fees. On my plan I think this is about €400. The remainder (€3000 for my consultant) we pay ourselves. I paid the first half at the booking appointment (12 weeks) and the second at 32 weeks.. From the €3000, we can claim 20% back when we do our med1 forms from revenue.ie so we'll get €600 back meaning overall it's costing us €2400 to go private.