Which Pregnancy Book would you recommend?

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mrsodo Posts: 1292
I'm going to buy Mylene Klass's 'My Bump & Me' today, are there any other pregnancy books I should get?
funkyfish Posts: 7626
hi there jujubeans, welcome to the Nov thread :wv . i liked this book and dip in and out all the time. i also got "what to expect when your expecting" it's ok, maybe some other wollies have better suggestions!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I got Your Pregnancy Week by Week and really like it... Haven't read Myleene Klass's book I'm afraid.... :wv
LMR Posts: 1925
What to expect when you;re expecting and Duffed Up by Kaz Cooke would be my recomendations
Anonymous Posts: 24542
i got Myleene's book and while her first few months were similar to me...she'd definately turned me off reading her labour story!! 3 pushes and baby was born...dunno anyone that happened to!! Plus baby latched on almost by accident (she'd decided not to bf)...and all went swimmingly! again don't know anyone that happened to that easily!! i got the irish pregnancy book...good in places but sketchy over weekly happenings...will get another one for that cos i love looking at the pics!
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
i got Your pregnancy bible and it is pretty good, lots of explanations and pictures which is always good. Havent read Myleene's one sorry.
snowbear Posts: 2107
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
i bought lots of books!! but generally the only one i look at is Your Pregnancy Bible. check out for week to week guide - includes pics (much better than any book!)
babyluck Posts: 764
just wanted to add my tuppence worth! someone - a WOLLY - recommended babycentre.co.uk as a website - and I have to say I have found it really useful and interesting. some of the other sites can be very american or a bit sickly sweet. I am quite a practical person so this site suits me. anyway - I was in easons on oconnell st this weekend I wanted to get another book the 2 I have expect when your expecting and the irish pregnancy book are both lacking on info on the things I am worried about etc. so I went into easons jeepers the selection I nearly left again there were so many I dont want one talking that much about TTC or after the baby is born I will get dedicated books then so getting a book for pregnancy and questions I have was tricky. as it happened the best one I found for me was the babycentre (same as the site) pregancny and questions. and I had a good read of it last night. It has a page a question with diagrams and I felt answered alot of my queries etc. just thought I would share as books can be repetitive and expensive. :wv :o0 *)