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Beyonkers Posts: 357
Hi All, I have just been told that I will need to get 3 of my wisdom teeth removed, due to the irritation that they are causing me and pain. Has anyone had this done? Do you get put asleep? Does health insurance cover this as I do have health insurance. I'm a little scared. Beyonkers :o(
evalena Posts: 1130
I got this done years ago - it was up North when I was at uni up there and my mum was with me so I dunno what it cost cos she would have paid. Basically I was given some sort of injection in my arm which made me semi unconscious and then I was given a local anesthetic on both jaws and they cut the teeth in half to get them out. Then got stitches at the back of my mouth that dissolved after a week so no need to get them removed. After the procedure I was put into a recovery room until the "twilight sleep"injection thing wore off. I vaguely remember being in there with another patient and I was going round the room opening drawers and giggling (felt drunk) and I stole a roll of those stickers you give kids when they visit the dentist (bearing in mind I was 18 at the time!!). I remember holding my index finger up to my mouth making the shhhh sign to the other woman warning her to keep quiet about the "crime" I was committing. Mum came in to get me after about 20 mins or so and I was in STITCHES the whole way out to the car as if I was hammered drunk!!!! Maddest feeling ever! The week afterwards my jaws were swollen like the elephant man and I had to eat soup and ice cream - so you will NOT want to be seen in public. When the swelling started to go down you could see the bruises but as this was towards the end of the week they were already going yellow. I don't remember it being that painful after the op - just uncomfortable and I couldn't really eat anything solid for a few days. (which can be a good thing!). I remember my Dad trying to take photos and video footage of me looking like I'd done 6 rounds with Mike Tyson - which as an 18 year old really upset me but now I'd probably just laugh and join in the craic - it's only a temporary disfiguration and believe me if your pain is anything like mine - TOTALLY worth it! The pain of the impacted teeth was awful so I was so relieved to get them out Good luck x
mags s Posts: 591
i had my 4 removed about 5 yrs ago..i have to say it was fine. i had to be put to sleep to have it done cause the roots were too big and all of the roots had to be broken to be removed. all done in about 40 mins...in recovery you feel really groggy...was allowed to go home about 3 hrs later...i thought it would be really sore but it wasnt for me...i also thought i would have trouble sleeping cause both sides would have been done and i expected to be in pain lying on my side with the pillow but it was fine. what i would recommend is to take your medicine RELIGIOUSLY....(sp) i got prescription tabs for the inflamation etc and i was allowed to take my own painkillers (i opted for solpadeine ) the pain killers can be every 4 hrs but the other tabe were every 6 or 8 hrs i cannot remember..so as not to get mixed up...i kept a chart of when i could take the next pills and i stuck to it...so the pain never got bad.... dont be worried pet....if they are causing you pain now it will be worth it....GL
sharmon Posts: 437
Got mine out about 7 yrs ago, best thing I ever did as they caused infection after infection & was in a lot of pain. I was put under to have them removed, had all 4 out & they were growing in random directions sideways instead of down in some cases and also they run very close to some of the facial nerves supplying your lips so tis a little on the tricky side. There was some pain involved but they give you painkillers, you are on a semi liquid diet for about a week & you have to brush your teeth to avoid infection (this was the hardest bit), face swelled out like a chipmunk for about 1-2weeks & was black & blue so would not plan anything around the time your having them removed. Also had to go back to get stitches out, they had to cut down into my gums to remove them so dissolving stitches were not strong enough, Had 16 stitches in total. Well worth it if your suffering IMO
Beyonkers Posts: 357
Thanks Ladies, your answers have helped me out a lot. Feel better after reading your reports, though I am not very good with pain or needles so that doesn't help!!! O:| How long does the surgery take??? I've changed my appointment until the end of the month, as I had family visiting on the day of the surgery and I didn't want to be all groggy while they where over. B
evalena Posts: 1130
Length of surgery depends on how many teeth and how badly impacted they are. You'll be asleep or semi unconcious anyway so you won't care..
mags s Posts: 591
i was out for about 40 mins...i got the dissolving stitches so didnt have to bother about that. my BUPA covered the cost of the procedure but when i had the initial consultation with the dentist doing the operation and the follow up check up..i had to pay for those.... i was only slightly swollen and not bruised in any way...but do take it handy..i though i was fine but on the 3rd day after i called to work to drop in my cert and got chatting to some of the girls...so i was smiling and yapping and boy did it hurt that evening...so take it handy! :o0 :wv
new year BTB Posts: 413
I got mine done a couple of years ago. I got all 4 out under general anaesthetic so I didn't feel a thing. Someone recommended that I take arnica before the operation to prevent bruising (which I did) - I was a little swollen after the op but wasn't bruised at all :) I wasn't that sore at all afterwards. Had to take painkillers the day after alright but was fine after that. I got mine done with VHI which was great - it covered the entire procedure. I can't remember the exact cost but I think it was something like 5k+
Beyonkers Posts: 357
That's great thanks.. I have booked it in for the end of the month on a thurs.. though I have a hen to go to on the sat... from what your all sayin i don't think ill be able to make it??? :( I've checked with Aviva and they have said that they cover it so thats great news. as i def wouldn't have the money to pay for it!!!
missymoomooo Posts: 639
I had mine out on a wed or thurs (can't remember which day) and i went to a hens in Athlone on that Friday! I had 3 out too! I was very swollen tho so i look hilarious in the photos not like me at all! I was drinking even tho i was on the antibiotics but tg didn't get any infections or anything. I'd say you'll be grand if you rest up (no work) the days after you get them done. I was very groggy anyway for a day or two after being put under. I will say tho, they'll prob give you painkillers as well as your antibiotics but i was taking the dissolvable painkillers in between these as i really was feeling it. So if you do go on the hens make sure you bring a few packets of over the counter painkillers with you just to numb the pain coz there's nothing worse than trying to have fun and a laugh when your jaw is throbbing. No medals for marters!!! ENJOY!!! :xxx