Would Ivory Flower Girls dresses clash with my White Dress?

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Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Hiya gang. I have my white wedding dress and i have seen a dress in ivory in debenhams for the flower girls but as i said its ivory. Does this matter is there a big difference for photos etc. The same dress is online in white in Angelwears.com. But its the hassle of ordering online. Going to put up a post now to see has anyone ordered from there.
Neady1981 Posts: 128
I had the opposite problem. My dress is diamond white which is more like ivory. i looked at white flowergirl dresses in the same shop and the owner told me they would make my dress look dirty, probably because white is so bright. have you got a piece of material from your dress that you could hold against the flowergirls dress? I saw the dresses in Debenhams - they are gorgeous - but they are all ivory at the moment - couldn't see any white ones
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
I know its a pain next debenhams everywhere has ivory...
sinead266 Posts: 914
yeah i dont think it would go at all, i have my pageboys and flowergirls in white and i was looking for white dress myself, when i went into the shops to try on dresses i seen a ivory one i liked but the shop girl said it wouldnt go at all so white for me,
smurf2be Posts: 10
sorry but i too agree that the white and ivory would clash. my dress is pure white too and had a nightmare trying to find flower girls dresses. someone recommended this website to me cutekiddy.com and i got two flower girls dresses which were perfect for what i wanted. plain white with a black band around them and a little flower. deliverd to the door they were only 76 euro for the two!!! this is a link to the one i got i really hope this helps!!
candypants Posts: 8575
When i read the post at first i though oh yeah would def clash, then i realised thats what my sister had! Never realised though and im picky :o0 If you want, pm me with your email add and ill send you a pic to see what its like side to side. HTH
Wolaholic Posts: 477
I think it would clash badly. For instance my dress was very pale ivory and initially I got a gorgeous ivory dress in BHS for flower girl but had to leave it back as it looked horrible beside my dress (to be honest like there was wee-wee spilled on it! :o0 ) I know it is very very hard to get white flower girl dresses though - and shoes!
oliviak83 Posts: 360
I think it would clash
bijou Posts: 1154
check out my photo on the wedding reports - my dress was ivory and fg ws crystal white!
Anjalina Posts: 1
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