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Sugerbaby Posts: 86
Hi girls i havent been able to log on here for ages finally i can get in today. anyway that is not the issue. Im due our first baba in July and have my first apt in Jan when 14 wks which i was so glad to get as some people are waiting way longer than this. Told DH in Nov all is good, except now his hobbie is taking him away for 5nites in Jan and he wud miss the apt. Im not happy about him going away for financial reasons anyway but i know he'll be limited as to what he can do next yr with our baby here. Ive tried re-schedulingg but next possible date is in March. Had a missed m/c in July and really want to go to this appt and see babs as often as possible. Guys woud you put the foot down and say no way to DH or wait till march or go to appt on my own? thx in advance!
BM2010 Posts: 32
I think i would go on my own even though i would prefer him to be there. But its his choice to change his plans and i wouldnt miss it because of him. Can he not reschedule his plans?
Sugerbaby Posts: 86
BM2010- thx for speedy reply if he changes dates his friends wud have to change their plans and it would be alot more expensive he got cheap flights for €20.
Daff Posts: 11644
Unreasonable or not I'd go mental - esepecially after you having a MC, I'd definatley want him there. But then again I'm super hormonal lately and totally unreasonable! :o0
Sugerbaby Posts: 86
your gas Daffodil Bride, im a bit hormonal myself, one minute im all lovey dovey and the next minute the words 'trip- away- jan' gets mentioned i fly off the hook. I dont wanna feel like his mther telling him he can go but also i never understood guys who dont go to their wifes hosp appts.
nini83 Posts: 1917
Ye i'd defo want him to be there and would tel him to get his priorities straight if a "hobbie" or friends are more important then his wife and unborn child , wouldn't pressure him or anything but wouldn't be impressed if he still went. just my opinion :thnk
Tinytots Posts: 369
[quote="daffodil bride":ncnibs3i]Unreasonable or not I'd go mental - esepecially after you having a MC, I'd definatley want him there. But then again I'm super hormonal lately and totally unreasonable! :o0[/quote:ncnibs3i] +1, but I'm not sure it would be unreasonable to expect him to stay. You're both having this baby and its important to have a check up at 14 weeks.
crazylady10 Posts: 539
ok, well heres my opinion on it. Id tell him he's not going. I couldnt imagine my DH even thinking of going once i told him we had our first apt, especially we went through a mc ourselves. But thats just me, to me friends and hobbies shouldnt be prioritised when it comes to things like that. Hobbies are to be done in your spare time, not when theres something important like that and as for friends, most wouldnt dream of going if the shoe was on the foot. Sorry again, its just my opinion.
tilsun Posts: 4506
I think I'd expect him to stay, whether that's reasonable or not. Did he know about this appointment when he arranged to go away? if so I'd be pretty cross. could you help him out with paying for change of flights? Maybe as your Christmas pressie That said i had my first private scan when my DH was away. He was already scheduled to be away when we found out I was pregnant and I told him to go on. Brought my mam to scan and it was a lovely experience for her as well. (just telling you that in case you do go alone)
toesies Posts: 436
honestly I wouldn't mind, it was booked before you knew so its not like he is deliberately missing it, maybe get a private scan at 20+weeks so you can both see baby then?? I think if you insist he stays home will have the two of you at appointment resenting it