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The Wedding Nanny

Reviews (92) 5/5
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Welcome to the Wedding Nanny! 

We are an award winning nanny service based in Ireland and we provide childcare for the bridal party or guests attending weddings. We provide packages from half days, full days and full days and overnight, either in the venue or your own home. All of our nannies are trained in childcare and have a true passion for working with children. We cater for children from newborn babies right into their teenage years! 

All of our nannies have a background in childcare and education, we are all Garda Vetted and First Aid trained so your babies will always be safe in our hands. 

If you think this might be a good option for you, send us a quick email and we can arrange a phone call! 

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92 reviews
Quality of service5.0/5
Ciara Spain
Added 17th Mar 2023
Wedding 15th Mar 2023
I cannot recommend The Wedding Nanny enough, I really don’t think any words can express our gratitude enough. We were lucky enough to have Ashling come & look after our two daughters on our wedding day in Bellingham Castle. As a parent of a child with Autism & Epilepsy I was so nervous & anxious about how someone who has never met my children before be able to care for them, especially a child with additional needs & also be able to meet those needs, well my goodness did ashling do that & more. From the moment she arrived she took my two girls hands & gave them the best day, night & morning. When things got too much for Mila she just knew what to do while also keeping Gracie entertained. I asked the two girls separately what was their fave part of the whole wedding, Mila said “When ashling tucked me into bed & colored with me” and Gracie said “when ashling played blocks with me”, this made me feel so lucky, honored & grateful to have Ashling from The Wedding Nanny look after our two girls. If you’re considering using The Wedding Nanny for your wedding, do it, I promise you won’t regret it.
Jenna Head
Added 15th Mar 2023
Wedding 13th Mar 2023
Aisling was absolutely amazing with our daughter, Sawyer, while we attended my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding at Barberstown Castle. We are from the United States and Aisling made us feel so comfortable with the entire process prior to arriving in Ireland with a video call. Our daughter took to her so well, and had the best night. We got to celebrate carefree with our friends and family. We couldn’t be more thankful for her and the service she offers!
Jacqueline Haley
Added 16th Mar 2023
Wedding 10th Mar 2023
I booked the Wedding Nanny to look after my 2 babies aged 1 & 2 for my wedding day and day two celebrations (48 hours in total). We were allocated the lovely nanny Kaya, from the moment she arrived on the morning of the wedding we immediately felt at ease. The 2 boys took to her immediately and were full of smiles. One of the babies got sick on the wedding day and Kaya took it all in her stride, and administered medicine as required. Even when our older boy threw a tantrum on the way into the church, Kaya had him calmed within minutes, so much so that everyone thought he had fallen asleep, they didn't realise that he was up the front of the church being entertained by Kaya. All of our guests commented on how excellent Kaya was in looking after the 2 boys. I would without hesitation recommend the wedding nanny service.
Sara Donnelly
Added 21st Feb 2023
Wedding 12th Feb 2023
We had our 10 month old baby boy Callum at our wedding. Unfortunately he wasnt in top form when he saw the amount of people there on the day and in new surroundings. Aisling was with us from 10am the morning of the wedding u til 10am the next day. It was the best investment for our wedding. She could totally see what Callum needed. When he was away from the crowd he was happy playing/napping etc. with Aisling. We dropped in to see him and get some pictures because after a couple of tries we decided against trying to bring him down to the wedding because of the mood he was in. I cannot explain the value of having that one person who can totally focus on your baby at your wedding. Yes family will offer to help but its just not practical at a wedding. Aisling was so flexible and understanding of what was needed on the day. Thank you so much Aisling!
Sarah Gahan
Added 1st Mar 2023
Wedding 4th Feb 2023
Our wedding nanny Ashleigh was fantastic. The day went really smoothly as a result to our daughter being happy and entertained. Ashleigh was so professional and adaptable to our daughter Clara’s needs, and so many wedding guests commented on how good the nanny service was, and how happy our daughter was. I would highly recommend the service to wedding couples as a good child minder is so important to the quality of the day. Some of the best photos we have of Clara from the day were taken by Ashleigh and shared with us throughout the day on a WhatsApp group. We are so grateful we booked the service.
Liz Devlin
Added 21st Feb 2023
Wedding 21st Jan 2023
Can't recommend the wedding nanny service enough! From the beginning Aisling was amazing to deal with and great to adjust the package to suit our need. We were so nervous about having our 9 month old daughter being passed around after people having a few drinks, especially because we knew with pictures and trying to engage with all out guests. Triona, from the minute she arrived, put us at ease knowing she was in safe hands. Phoebe was a little bit fussy due to being over stimulated by the whole day and nor being able to be with myself and my husband like she would normally be. Triona took it all in her stride, coming prepared with toys to distract and entertain her. She was amazing sending us updates and pictures and didn't seem to mind my constant checking. We were so grateful for this service. It helped us enjoy our day even more knowing phoebe was safe and happy. Triona stayed until 9am and I keep saying it's the best money we spent on the day
Ashling O’Doherty
Added 24th Jan 2023
Wedding 20th Jan 2023
After seeing the wedding nannies work their magic at my friends wedding I booked them for mine and oh my god they didn’t disappoint. Kelly was our nanny on the day. I was slightly nervous as I know my 2 year old is a little cautious and would take a while to warm up to people but from the minute Kelly walked through the doors it was like magic he just went with her. He didn’t even look back to see where we were. Kelly kept us updated with pictures and let us know when they were fast asleep which was lovely and gives you peace of mind. Kelly was such a lovely calm, relaxed person it’s no wonder the kids were so happy to be with her. It was def the one service of the day that I would say is a definite must and 100% worth the cost. I’m so glad Kelly was our nanny she was amazing and huge congrats to Aisling on running such a successful business and I hope it continues to grow as you and all the girls are just amazing at what you do on such an important day. Thanks again for everything.
Niamh O’Doherty
Added 24th Jan 2023
Wedding 20th Jan 2023
For us this was the best service experienced on the wedding day and we’ll worth the cost. Kelly arrived at the venue at the agreed time and immediately took charge of our little girl and my sisters little boy. From the get go they loved her and her easy going but efficient manner was so effective in minding the children and keeping them calm and happy. From start to finish the next morning Kelly was fantastic. The peace of mind we had knowing the kids were content and safe with her was priceless.
Tony Dooley
Added 16th Jan 2023
Wedding 12th Jan 2023
We had absolutely no issues at all . Our minds were at ease before wedding even started . Had the wee man in flying form
Aislinn McNamara
Added 3rd Mar 2023
Wedding 7th Jan 2023
Hi Aisling Hope 2033 is treating you and yours well so far! I just wanted to leave a review for your company and Kaya who was absolutely amazing with our 9 month old Norah! She took to Kaya immediately and was very content and comfortable with her from the get go. Kaya would bring Norah down when she was awake so Norah was very much part of our day being there for the ceremony, the first dance, reception but also knew when to take her away to nap and relax. She kept us updated constantly with photos and comments of what Norah was up to when she was away from us, I didn’t have one moment of worry throughout the day as I knew Norah was in amazing hands with Kaya. I can’t recommend Kaya and your service enough, it was truly amazing and worth every penny!
Liz Halpenny
Added 3rd Feb 2023
Wedding 7th Jan 2023
Amy and Aisleigh were amazing. So professional and efficient and really added to the enjoyment of our day knowing our son was well looked after and happy!
Added 24th Jan 2023
Wedding 31st Dec 2022
If I could give 10 stars I would! I was apprehensive but there was no need. From the pre wedding call to the evening itself, the girls were amazing. Ashleigh minded our 2 boys overnight and they had such a good time, they didn’t want her to go home.
Added 14th Jan 2023
Wedding 26th Nov 2022
Deciding what to do with our 10 month old on our wedding day was one of the most important and most difficult decisions we had to make for our wedding day. We wanted him to be part of our day but only as much as he was able for. Our family were more than willing to take turns to look after him but we wanted them to relax and enjoy the day too. I got in touch with Aisling and she was so helpful and responded so quickly. When I explained our situation she gave me all of the options and we had a phone call to go over it all too. She gave me great advice as they have so much experience with weddings so know what works for little ones. We also had a video call with Aisling and Seanaidh, our minder, before the wedding to go through everything. On the day Seanaidh came after the ceremony and stayed until midnight which worked perfectly for us. She was so kind and caring which is just so important when you're trusting someone with your baby. We didn't worry about our little boy once as we knew he was being well looked after. Seanaidh was contactable all the time and took a few pictures too which was lovely to see. I couldn't recommend the Wedding Nanny enough, and Seanaidh was just fabulous.
Ash dolphin
Added 26th Jun 2022
Wedding 6th Nov 2022
One of the hardest decisions was if we needed childcare or not for our big day, our two boys are 3 and 4 and we we’re reassured by so many family members that everyone would keep an eye on them, but in my gut I knew I wouldn’t be happy without having one person who’s job it was to look after the boys, next came to who to go with I looked into the wedding nannies and was ready to go with them and my husband said no just get someone from the playschool, but this led to a whole load of maybes and I realised we could be let down last minute so I went back to my original plan and contacted Aisling again and booked in for the wedding nanny Michele for our wedding in ballymagarvey, the booking was so easy I changed from full day and overnight to half day and overnight when we realised there would be far too many people in my husbands house that morning and nothing was an issue or I wasn’t made to feel bad for changing my mind, such lovely girls! I then got chatting to Michelle before the wedding and we sent videos over and back so the boys could get to know her, and on the day she played a blinder with two very overtired toddlers, she was not only helping the boys but carrying my dress as well walked and was just so thoughtful, I couldn’t recommend the girls enough it was money well spent, and I truly believe on a day when we spend so much money on random things but the safety of my kids was so important! And I was so at ease knowing Michelle was with them wherever they were playing
Added 24th Oct 2022
Wedding 21st Oct 2022
Kelly was our wedding nanny for our 11 week old baby girl last Friday & it was the best money we spent for the whole wedding! She spent 24 hours with us & took amazing care of our baby girl all day & overnight. She was extremely caring & professional & we felt very comfortable that our baby was in safe hands all day & night. Kelly even helped us out dropping last minute things down to the groom’s house & literally nothing was a problem for her. I would have no hesitation recommending Kelly & the Wedding Nanny to anyone planning their wedding, especially with a young baby!
Added 12th Oct 2022
Wedding 8th Oct 2022
An absolutely brilliant service. Seanaidh was amazing and looked after our 2 boys so well. Our wedding day was completely stress free as she took care of everything related to the kids. And they loved they’re time with her too. I cannot recommend this service highly enough…
Martha Walshe
Added 11th Oct 2022
Wedding 8th Oct 2022
Triona was our wedding nanny for our wedding on 8th October 2022. She looked after our 9 month old baby boy from 4pm until 10am the following day. She was excellent with our baby and was able to read his cues. Triona gave us such peace of mind which meant everything to us on our wedding day. Our baby was very relaxed with Triona and we never had to worry.
Jennifer Kelly
Added 13th Oct 2022
Wedding 7th Oct 2022
Where do I begin... 5 stars just isn't enough for the wedding nanny!!! Aisling was our nanny and she was outstanding!! I have three small children, 5, 3 and 1.. our 1 year old is particularly clingy and I was very anxious about how he would be not being with me for the day. But those fears were instantly gone as soon as aisling arrived. They took to her instantly, she truly has a gift. She was incredible with them for the day, like a second mammy. I could keep writing as I cannot sing aisling praises enough!! Honestly the best money we spent on the day... Happy children = happy parents. Thanks again aisling, we couldn't have done it without you xx
Added 11th Oct 2022
Wedding 7th Oct 2022
Kelly was absolutely brilliant with our 9 week old baby. We were able to relax and enjoy our wedding day knowing he was in good hands. We would recommend The Wedding Nanny agency to any parent!
The Wedding Nanny
Added 5th Oct 2022
Wedding 24th Sep 2022
I cannot recommend the Wedding Nannies enough, these girls are absolute angels! My husband and I finally got married on 24th September and the gorgeous Amy looked after our 2 boys, age 4 and 8 months. Our 8 month old was having a very bad teething day as mammy and daddy were about to get married and he cried solidly for about 6 hours - no one could settle him, and then Amy arrived! She was super with him, he settled straight away with her. Amy kept us informed throughout the day on how he was doing, we couldn’t believe the change in him from a few hours previous. It made our day so much better knowing he was ok and being well looked after. Our 4 year old asked us the following day if Amy was coming back to play! For any mammies/brides who might be worrying about their babies on their wedding day then worry no more-these girls are amazing!
Barry & Amanda
Added 20th Sep 2022
Wedding 17th Sep 2022
Hi our wedding nanny Kelly was the best ever she handled every suitation with our two girls we didn't need to worry through out the whole day and as the ceremony commenced it was a pleasure to know they were in good hands including the evening were she stayed on until the morning and again the children were up and dressed for breakfast before we met with them and as one of our daughters has autism Kelly's training as an s.n.a made our daughter feel like she gained a friend in kelly the balance was perfect between them I would highly recommend kelly as a perfect nanny who has that loveable charm, respectfulness to others,patience, caring, and all this while doing her job truelly outstanding and professional every step of the way there wasn't one part of the day I had to worry about my children, thank you kelly from the bottom of our hearts.
Hazel B
Added 20th Sep 2022
Wedding 15th Sep 2022
Aisling took care of our two little girls ages 3 and 4 on our big day. From the moment she arrived our girls had an absolute ball. My husband and I could relax and know that they were safe & happy and we could enjoy our day without worrying about them. Aisling you are a truly amazing nanny.. Thank you so very much from bottom of my heart for keeping our girls so happy all day. Do not hesitate to book The Wedding Nanny..from the moment I was in contact to the moment Aisling left on our wedding night the service and professionalism was outstanding.. xxx
Daniel and Christina
Added 1st Nov 2022
Wedding 5th Sep 2022
Aisling was absolutely amazing and our wedding experience wouldn't have been the same without her. Our original wedding plans were postponed due to Covid and our family grew to 3 ahead of our rescheduled big day. Our main concern was who would mind our 4-month-old and as we live overseas, we did not have any contacts in Ireland to call upon. We had some family members offer their help but we didn't want to take away from their day either as they would also be there to have a good time. The reassurance of having someone with 100% attention on our little man would give us piece of mind. Then it came to finding a suitable "nanny" and we were so fortunate to have come across Aisling. It was the reviews that originally sold it for us (the recurring mention of the "best money spent on our wedding day" and we can certainly attest to that one too!) and then once we spoke with Aisling, we knew it was a great fit. We had Aisling for almost 40 hours; it was overnight the first night and up to midnight on Day 2. We are part of the lucky few, our little man sleeps through the entire night from early on and rarely wakes, so it was just a case of being there on standby if he did happen to wake for a bottle. Nevertheless, it was still a very difficult decision handing him over for the night, but as soon as we met Aisling our minds were at ease. He took to Aisling from the word go and she picked up on his cues almost instantly. It was so easy to see that she was an expert. When she wasn't with us, she would keep us updated and provide lots of photos and videos. All our guests and even the wedding staff complimented how incredible she was. I'm usually extremely critical and I would even like to give constructive criticism, but honestly, there was absolutely nothing that Aisling could have done better and she was such an incredible asset on our big day. We can't recommend her highly enough, will even be looking to use her again when we travel back as guests to attend weddings. Thank you so much Aisling.
Lisa Barry
Added 7th Sep 2022
Wedding 4th Sep 2022
We used the 24-hour Wedding Nanny option in September 2022 at our own wedding to look after our 3.5 and 1.5 year old and it was definitely money well spent. Hazel was our Wedding Nanny and she did a great job. When I had my initial call with both Hazel and Aisling we asked if Hazel could record a video so that we could show the kids in the run up to the wedding. Hazel did this and the kids loved the video - they asked to watched it a lot and were very excited to meet Hazel on the day. On the wedding day itself, Hazel arrived as planned and our load was instantly lightened. She stayed with our youngest while she had a nap before the ceremony. Just before the ceremony Hazel had the kids ready in the lobby and they both walked up the aisle with me as planned. Hazel then took both kids out for a brief period during the ceremony when our youngest got a bit upset but ensured to have them back for our sand ceremony which also went off without a hitch. While we were getting photos taken - Hazel ensured the kids were well looked after and entertained for the ones they weren't needed in. She also helped with getting their attention as needed for photos they were in. Throughout the day Hazel took over 100 photos herself and she shared them with us the very next day. This was amazing and something I didn't expect - it was like having a second photographer at the wedding. She even captured moments the photographer couldn't - like just before we walked up the aisle. Hazel ensured the kids had some dinner and brought them both up to bed when they got tired. We didn't have to help with anything all day - including settling the kids for bed - Hazel did it all. The kids really enjoyed spending time with Hazel. It was really nice to have the kids there on the day but not have to worry about looking after them ourselves or burdening a family member with that job. I would have no hesitation in recommending her or the Wedding Nanny to anyone.
Added 20th Sep 2022
Wedding 3rd Sep 2022
From the minute I spoke to Aisling and our nanny Kaya we knew it was the best decision we made for our little man (13months) on our wedding day. On the day Kaya was amazing with Rían and we and all our guests could not speak highly enough about her. She took so much pressure off us on the day as we knew he was in great hands. We wanted our son involved as much as possible in the day and she made that possible while also giving us updates and pictures while he was away at times. He had a great time and loved Kaya. Our guests assumed he knew her well before they realised she was from wedding nannies. We could not recommend them enough. We booked the 24hr package and it was worth every cent.
Samantha and Micheal lynch
Added 4th Sep 2022
Wedding 2nd Sep 2022
We had Hazel minding our 4 year old son for 12hours package for our wedding day. She was absolutely amazing with him on the day we didn't have to worry about him once. She kept in contact with us via WhatsApp group chat and sent us loads of beautiful pictures of there adventures. She had him in bed at he's usual time of 8pm and he slept all night, I felt an instant ease when seeing Hazel with our son we could see she loves kids and finn felt that too as he had so much fun with her. I'd highly recommend Hazel and the wedding nanny company.
Sinead Lynch
Added 5th Sep 2022
Wedding 1st Sep 2022
We had the wonderful nanny Aisling take care of our 8 week old daughter Fiadh. We were nervous as she is still so young but Aisling was amazing with her. The peace of mind we got allowed us to fully relax and enjoy the day and night. Aisling sent us updates throughout which was so lovely as we knew they were getting on well. Aisling followed Fiadh’s lead. She brought loads of toys for her. She even had all her bottles sterilized for us and her clothes etc all tidied up and folded ready to go. A really amazing service which we will definitely be using again.
Lisa Jackson
Added 27th Aug 2022
Wedding 20th Aug 2022
Amy was amazing, my 2 year old daughter took to her immediately. She brought a case full off toys for my daughter and my 6 year old nephew Which they both loved. Amy was easily able to get my daughter down for a nap, feed her lunch, dress her and ensure she was changed throughout the day. I was able to relax and enjoy my day. I couldn’t recommend Wedding Nanny any more.
Linda Robinson
Added 21st Oct 2022
Wedding 19th Aug 2022
Being part of a bridal party with young children can create plenty of challenges until we discovered the wedding nanny service. Best idea ever. Seanod our wedding nanny was an absolute god send. The children adored her and she had plenty to keep them entertained throughout the day and also brought them away for their own space when it all got to much for them. We were lucky enough to avail of the service overnight which really gave us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the day. It really is peace of mind to have a dedicated person to mind the children throughout the day. We were kept up to date at all times with pictures and messages and the children really were sad to say goodbye the next morning . I highly recommend this service and my only advice is to book them for the day after to ???????? thanks Seanod x
Added 11th Aug 2022
Wedding 5th Aug 2022
Amy was absolutely amazing and we felt so comfortable that our little girl was so well looked after on our special day! Thanks so much to Amy! Would highly recommend the Wedding nanny to anyone looking for childcare for their Wedding day ????
Noemie and Arnaud
Added 19th Aug 2022
Wedding 4th Aug 2022
We are the happy parents of three small boys (2, 4 and 6 yo) so having a nanny who could help us minding them, keeping them entertained, putting them to bed when needed etc... was an absolute necessity so that we could enjoy our special day. Aisleigh not only fulfilled this role perfectly but went above and beyond. Her calm, sweet and lovely personality made my boys feel comfortable straight away and she managed to keep them under control and adapt according to their needs. It is a very long day for kids that young and she has been such a precious help from the morning when she helped my husband getting the boys ready! I highly recommend Aisleigh, she made our day so smooth and easy so we got the best of both worlds: having our kids around but at the same time being able to enjoy our special day as newly weds, thank you Aisleigh!
Added 25th Sep 2022
Wedding 30th Jul 2022
Fantastic service, would highly recommend to anyone. It was great peace of mind on the day knowing there was someone with them at all times. And they were so well looked after by Aisleigh, took to her straight away(which for my youngest was brilliant). We had Aisleigh from 10am the morning of the wedding until 10am the following day. Aisleigh kept them entertained all day. Very decently priced and if I was to do it all over again this would be one thing high on the priority list. Thanks again Aisleigh and the wedding Nanny. Have already recommended you to so many people :)
Paul and Nuala
Added 8th Aug 2022
Wedding 28th Jul 2022
After a difficult search to try and find someone to mind our kids, We booked the wedding nanny for our wedding in July 2022, we have a 2 year old and a baby 7 months old. We where very lucky to find such a gem of a service. We definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without Aisling. The girls and my family took to her straight away, we had a nice mix of spending time with the girls and Aisling was on hand if they wanted to leave the wedding. Despite never giving my baby to any1 but family, Aisling gave me piece of mind and reassurance. The girls had a great day and night, they where able to do what makes them happy, play! I'll never be able to thank Aisling enough as our kids mean the world to us and knowing they where looked after and having fun helped us settle. Aisling made the whole thing effortless. Also prior to the day, Aisling sent a personalised video to my 2 year old which was a big hit! Every1 at our wedding was impressed with this service, can't recommend it enough. Thanku Thanku Thanku
Jordyn & Marc O Cleirigh
Added 13th Nov 2022
Wedding 25th Jul 2022
We hired Aisling to mind some of the children at our wedding. All of their parents have told us that she was the absolute best. They're still raving about her, 4 months later, wishing she could be at every wedding. We're so glad she was there - it allowed the parents to relax and enjoy the wedding (and I'm sure the children had a much more fun time with her too!). So thank you Aisling - you were wonderful!
Lisa Burns
Added 26th Jul 2022
Wedding 22nd Jul 2022
Alana looked after my two children (2) and (4) at a family wedding. She also had my 3 month old nephew. She was fantastic and kept us informed how they were that evening. Very friendly and professional and would highly recommend the wedding nanny services. Thank you! X
Added 22nd Aug 2022
Wedding 16th Jul 2022
I cannot recommend the wedding nanny enough. Everything was so smooth and easy. We have three girls aged, 7, 5 & 2. I am always with my girls, they don't even have sleep overs with family so naturally I was nervous booking. We had Aisleigh from 8 in the evening till 10am. Aisleigh is such a pro with the kids. She is so warm and lovely, my girls loved being with Aisleigh so much that they asked if we could do it again. It was so reassuring to have a qualified Professional taking care of our children the night of our wedding. We thoroughly enjoyed our night knowing they were in good hands. I would definitely use the wedding nanny again.
Ashley Lilly
Added 21st Jul 2022
Wedding 16th Jul 2022
The best money we spent for our wedding! We left our 9 month old baby boy and 6 month old goddaughter overnight and have never felt more relaxed. Kelly was incredible and Aisling was a dream to deal with, communication was exceptional .
Niamh Toolan
Added 9th Aug 2022
Wedding 15th Jul 2022
We had a fantastic experience with the Wedding Nanny for our wedding day. Amy and Kaya were with us for 24 hours to look after our baby (9 months) and our nephews (5 and 20 months). The girls were so positive and helpful all day. We would have been lost without them. It was especially reassuring to get updates in our WhatsApp group, including pictures of three happy babies. Also to mention Aisling, who we dealt with in the organising of this service. Aisling was so professional, helpful and understanding. She did everything she could to help us. Overall, I would highly recommend this service.
Elisa & Gregg
Added 20th Jul 2022
Wedding 15th Jul 2022
Such a great service for our wedding day. Aisling was phenomenal with our 17 month old twin girls. We were very anxious about how they would handle the day, but need not have worried at all, as on meeting Aisling we instantly relaxed. Our girls loved her and were able to be a part of our day, but also to get some much needed space whenever the need arose, which Aisling identified and handled at the right moment each time. This especially enabled our girls to be as relaxed as possible throughout the celebrations on the day. We also had Aisling for the evening of our day 2 celebrations, it was great to have a familiar face return for the girls as both were slightly unsettled staying away 2 nights in a row. Would highly recommend booking this service to take literally all pressure off for any couple due to get married and considering booking a nanny. Money definitley well spent, everyone raved about her! Thanks so much Aisling ????
Maria, Peter, Edwina and Eddie
Added 20th Jul 2022
Wedding 14th Jul 2022
Leaving a review here is imperative as this is how we knew we were making the right choice when we were booking a nanny for our 2 children and neice, we wanted somebody who could take care of our children and assist them getting ready, on what would be the busiest morning ever and through the whole day into night. Reading the reviews we could see that this service was not only offered but it was raved about, the care given to the children was out of this world, we did not worry about the girls for 1 minute from the moment the video call came from Aisling and Kelly to the moment of kellys departure the night of the wedding. Our girls took to her right away, even our very attached little ones, we thought they would kick up a bit, but they really didn't, they were amazing all day and we belive this is because they wanted for nothing, Kelly had all of their needs met. We will be forever greatful for wedding Nanny's owner Aisling for providing us with the most amazing Nanny ever! Thank you Kelly the girls and ourselves loved having you in such an important part to our day. Love our smalies Stella, Mila & Giorgia And lots of love from us Peter, Maria, Edwina and Eddie
Regina & Derek Fagan
Added 18th Jul 2022
Wedding 13th Jul 2022
We would like to thank Aisling first of all for providing such a fantastic service and organising a nanny for us at such short notice. We would have been lost without you! Aisleigh was our wonderful nanny for the day. She took such good care of our two kids (age 6 & 8) From early afternoon to late into the night we didn't have to worry as they took to her straight away and were so relaxed in her company. Aisleigh played games, did arts and crafts and even a treasure hunt while we were busy with our photographer and could enjoy our meal in peace. Aisleigh even brought the kiddies back to the function room for a few dances before settling them into bed. They had the best day ever with Aisleigh and even looked for her to come back the next day to play again! I would 100% recommend Aisleigh as your wedding nanny and will definitely book her for future events. Thank you both Aisling and Aisleigh for making our wedding day so relaxed and worry free!
Shaun & Angie
Added 12th Jul 2022
Wedding 9th Jul 2022
Thanks so much, great service!
Aisling Lawlor
Added 11th Jul 2022
Wedding 9th Jul 2022
our one and half year old on our wedding day! And we can both honestly say it was the best money we spent the entire day. We got to enjoy our wedding from start to finish without having to worry about Fiadh once. From the minute she arrived our assigned nanny Amy was an absolute gem and our daughter took to her immediately (even crying when she had to leave). Every person at the wedding mentioned to us what a great job Amy was doing and how they wished they had this service for their weddings. If you are considering booking The Wedding Nanny, do it! You will have no regrets. Thank you to Amy & Aisling for making our day that but more enjoyable! Aisling & Mícheál 09.07.22
Emer and Philip
Added 6th Aug 2022
Wedding 8th Jul 2022
The Wedding Nanny was by far the best supplier we booked for our wedding in July. Knowing our 2 boys, 2 nephews and our niece were all so well looked after through the entire day and night allowed us to enjoy our wedding day. Seonad arrived at our house and immediately the boys loved her. She helped get them ready when it was nearly time for the church which was a huge help to us. Myself and my bridesmaids could enjoy getting glammed up while Seonad kept them occupied. At the hotel Seonad and Amy kept us informed through WhatsApp when the kids were eating, having bottles, changed and how they were in general which was very reassuring. Anytime we needed them for photos or the first dance we just had to let the girls know and they had them ready for us. An absolute fantastic service run by Aisling, a credit to you and I will be recommending the Wedding Nanny to any couple who have kids and are getting married Thank you ????
Nicola & Brian
Added 27th Jul 2022
Wedding 8th Jul 2022
Seonad & Amy were absolutely fantastic,our boys were so well cared for while we attended my sisters wedding. The kids were taken care of by Seonad early in the day while we got ready and all the kids really took to her straight away. Amy was there to meet us at the hotel and she had our boys overnight and to this day John-Paul keeps talking about how much fun he had with them both. We could check on them at any time and each time the kids were so content & busy playing and having so much fun. We also got pictures & updates from the girls throughout the day & they were only a text away if we needed the kids for photos. I really couldn't recommend them enough, the boys were in such safe hands and we got to enjoy the day. Thanks so much again for a 5* Service.
Róisín & Noel
Added 6th Jul 2022
Wedding 2nd Jul 2022
Aisling, we can’t thank you enough. Our day wouldn’t have been the same without you. We managed to enjoy every minute without having to worry about how the kids were getting on. We knew they were in very capable hands. What’s even more important is that our kids loved you. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You allowed them the freedom to be active and involved in the fun just the right amount. You are very talented at what you do. Congratulations on such a successful business. It’s well deserved.
Claire Flynn
Added 22nd Jul 2022
Wedding 30th Jun 2022
Booking Amy through the wedding nanny was easily the best money I spent on my wedding day. She was absolutely amazing with my children and my nephews. Before the wedding she sent a really cute video chatting to the children and they watched it loads they were so excited to meet her. On the day she arrived almost an hour early and started playing away with them it was great as we were all in the venue getting ready for the ceremony. The kids adored her straight away, she had them all at the right place at the right time, I didn’t have to look for them once throughout the day. They spent the day playing and laughing. She helped them with their dinner and gave them snacks. At one stage during dinner she was feeding my daughter and my nephew soup at the same time. My 3 year old daughter still asks after her a few weeks later. My only complaint is I wanted a little selfie with her at one stage and she cried to go back into Amy’s arms haha, she was gentle kind and so loving to the children I couldn’t of asked for anything more. Thank you so much Amy and Aisling x
Keith and Billie
Added 18th Jul 2022
Wedding 25th Jun 2022
Hiring the wedding nanny was the best decision we made. Aisling was brilliant to deal with and provides a fantastic service. Our wedding nanny was Mary and from the minute Mary came to the house the 3 kids(7 months, 3 and 9)took to her straight away. Mary was brilliant with the kids and I didn't have to worry all day. Our 3 year old still talks about Mary a month later!!
Added 29th Jun 2022
Wedding 17th Jun 2022
Kaya looked after my two boys (4 and 6years) for our wedding day. Also, my three nieces that day/nights (aged 2.5 years to 7years old). The children had the more amazing day/evening, they felt so independent to have and do there own thing away from parents for the day/night. Kaya was fantastic and so relaxed. I can't imagine a day without the wedding nanny, children happy then parents are happy. They even loved having breakfast in a big table to themselves without parents beside them. They had an absolute blast. I can't recommend wedding Nanny enough. Aisling and Kaya were so professional and made everything so easy. I highly recommend wedding nanny to anyone getting married, or as even wedding guest, for a relaxed day with complete peace of mind that the children are happy, content, fed and safe.
Added 13th Jun 2022
Wedding 11th Jun 2022
Hiring a Wedding Nanny was one of the best decisions we made to ensure our day ran as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Firstly, it meant that all of our family and friends could relax and enjoy the day, without the responsibility of childminding, or having to miss any part of the day. Secondly, and more importantly, our little girl had an absolute ball, was in good humour for the day, was with us for the special moments, and could go for a rest when we were busy. It worked out perfectly, and we cannot thank our nanny Mary enough for her help on the day. Mary’s calmness was contagious, and I knew straight away that our daughter was in good hands!
Added 14th May 2022
Wedding 12th May 2022
When I say this service was outstanding,it wouldn't be doing it justice! Aisling took care of my 2 and 4 your old children for our wedding and she was just second to none from start to finish I was a complete nervous wreck leaving the children as I have never left them before with anyone! Aisling offered us a playdate before the wedding to introduce herself to the children which was in itself such a superb idea from the service. From the second we met her it was clear we were in safe hands and they loved her straight away. She supplied toys, games, books and tons of fun For anyone in doubt or on the fence about getting a wedding nanny please give them your trust it will be the best decision you make as I know it was for us Thank you aisling you honestly were the best we could ever wish for
Added 15th May 2022
Wedding 9th May 2022
Absolutely loved Aishling she was amazing. We booked her for half day and overnight she was absolutely amazing with our 7month baby as soon as she arrived she took over, she had the baby playing, sleeping, eating and getting plenty of cuddles all night. Our 4 year old son was a bit unsure when it came to bed time but in the morning he wanted to go home with Aishling. I couldn’t recommend her enough and we’ll be definitely hiring her again! 10/10
Jackie & Niall
Added 11th May 2022
Wedding 7th May 2022
I was really nervous about leaving my baby with someone who wasn’t a family member. He’s a lockdown baby and my first so I just wasn’t sure how he would react. Michelle was amazing!!! I shouldn’t have worried at all. She took control and was so relaxed it made us all relax too. She sent us updates all the time. I don’t know what I would have done without the wedding nanny. It was our wedding and I didn’t want anyone to miss the fun so when it came to bedtime having a professional take control was such a weight off my mind. Aisling was also amazing to liaise with on the lead up to the day. She’s so lovely and reassuring. Could not recommend the wedding nanny enough. Thanks again Michelle and Aisling, Jackie & Niall
Added 15th May 2022
Wedding 2nd May 2022
We had postponed our wedding 3 times during the pandemic and welcomed a baby boy 6 months before our wedding in May - so our wedding day was always going to look a little different than we had originally planned. I was a bit nervous about leaving my son with someone I didn’t know on the day but Aisling was amazing - she allowed us peace of mind knowing that our baby was being fed, changed, napped and played with without any of our guests missing part of the day. She came to the church and venue and when she took him away to give him some time out in the day she sent us regular updates and pictures in a WhatsApp group so we could see how he was getting on. She really understood the balance we wanted and he needed in terms of having him present at the wedding but also allowed us and him appropriate space needed as and when. Everyone at our wedding raved about her and they were so impressed with how professional she was. I would definitely recommend the Wedding Nanny to anyone.
Maeve and Ian
Added 14th Jun 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
Hiring a nanny for our 5 month old daughter for our big day was one of the best decisions we made for the day. We found The Wedding Nanny great to deal with! To start off Aisling was friendly, professional and very helpful. We had a call a few days before the wedding with Aisling and our nanny Alana to go through what we needed on the day and to discuss our baby's routine etc. On the day Alana was just excellent. Our daughter warmed to her straight away with lots of smiles. Alana made sure she was well fed and well rested throughout the day but still made appearances with her here and there so we could get nice photos and meet family etc. She looked after her until the next morning which was just amazing as mama, dada and grandparents could party well into the night without worrying! I'd definitely recommend The Wedding Nanny to anyone needing childcare for their big day.
Linda & Darran Maguire
Added 15th May 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
We booked Wedding Nanny for our wedding on 30th April 2022 for our 2 young kids and we are so delighted we did! Michelle arrived to the reception on time and stayed overnight with our two babies. She was amazing from start to finish and our kids absolutely loved her, they took to her straight away. Michelle kept us updated throughout the day and also ensured the kids had their dinner - I'm still so surprised at how much my son ate for her! I was at ease for the day knowing that they were in great hands with Michelle. Highly recommend wedding nanny and will be recommending them to friends who get married in the future! Thanks Aisling & Michelle!
Added 7th May 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
Cannot recommend Aisling & Seonad enough. They were fantastic with the children on the day. So much so, we have booked for our own Wedding. Thanks again
Kristina Cullen
Added 6th May 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
Absolutely 5 star service !! Aisling and Seonad were just amazing . From the moment Aisling walked into the room on the morning of the wedding she took control and our 2 little boys (5&2)had the most amazing day with them along with our families children , we did not have to worry at all we knew the children were well looked after and having the best time . Aisling also stayed over night with our sons who were totally at ease with her !! My son was actually crying when she left - I would 100% recommend.- Aisling & team are fantastic !!
Leyna and Rob
Added 5th May 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
This service was honestly the best money I spent the day of my wedding I could relax knowing that the kids were looked after so kindly by Trish, they took to her instantly and didn’t want to leave her the next morning! Absolutely would recommend 10/10
Added 1st May 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
Excellent service provided by Aisling…kids were kept entertained for whole day and evening … highly recommend this service
Kayleigh pearson
Added 1st May 2022
Wedding 30th Apr 2022
Aisling and Seonad are fantastic. They kept the children entertained from start to finish. The girls can well prepared with loads of fun games and toys. Highly recommend
Fergal & Dorota
Added 29th Apr 2022
Wedding 28th Apr 2022
We had Aisling for our wedding at Ashley park house, she was amazing the kids loved her and it made our day even more special. Thank you so much Aisling
Added 4th May 2022
Wedding 25th Apr 2022
We hired the Wedding Nanny for our big day and used their 24hr service. Trish was a great asset to our day. From the moment she arrived she was a complete natural with our 9 month old who loved her straight away. Trish was very flexible with our plans for the day, just attending our drinks reception and returning to the hotel for the rest of the day/night. We stayed in contact throughout this time, receiving lovely photos and videos of our baby playing, being fed and sleeping, we felt confident that she was being very well looked after. We would definitely recommend the Wedding Nanny.
Galway bay hotel
Added 5th May 2022
Wedding 24th Apr 2022
Aisling provides an amazing service and I mean AMAZING! we hired Aisling to look after our 2 children ages 5 and 3 for our wedding day at the end of April. Our eldest is autistic and from the moment Aisling landed on site she took charge with games, books etc but it was her personality that won the kids over the most she was very warm, friendly and playful. She was a great help also in the lead up to our wedding providing photos of herself and even an introductory video for the kids which we played on repeat the week leading up to our wedding so when she arrived the kids knew exactly who was coming to play with them. Most of our guests at the wedding thought she was my sister as she was just like a family member minding the kids all very natural to her. It takes a very special person to take care of other people's children and make them feel at comfortable and we would have been lost without Asiling. Thank you Aisling we really enjoyed our wedding day knowing the kids were totally cared for. Amanda & Coílín
Kate & David
Added 17th May 2022
Wedding 23rd Apr 2022
We had Aisling as our wedding nanny for our two children. Two days prior we had a video call with Aisling and from that moment on we all loved her! The kids were so excited to meet her on the day and she just got on with them so well. She knows the layout of wedding days so well, she just flowed and guided the kids through it all with ease. They still talk about her! Our only regret was not having her for longer on the day! Honestly we could not recommend her service anymore.She was incredible!
Joanna & Johnny
Added 4th May 2022
Wedding 23rd Apr 2022
5 stars is not enough for what Aisling and Becky did for us on our wedding day! We were convinced our youngest, being a Covid baby who does not go to ANYONE, would be glued to us for the day but Becky worked her magic and he settled and stayed with her until the following morning. My eldest son is her biggest fan and asks about her almost daily ever since! It was fantastic to know the two boys were happy and well cared for, allowing us to celebrate as a couple with our friends and family. From the initial introductory call to the WhatsApp group with updates and photos throughout the day, we were put at ease straight away and knew our boys were in great hands. Thank you so much for making sure they had a fantastic day so that we could too! Would highly recommend!
Added 28th Apr 2022
Wedding 22nd Apr 2022
Can’t thank Aisling enough for helping us with our baby and toddler on our wedding day. She was amazing from start to finish and the kids loved her even with not having met her before. She really made our day more enjoyable as we knew the kids were looked after. Would 100% recommend this service. My little one is still asking to play with Aisling!
Added 18th Aug 2022
Wedding 19th Apr 2022
The girls were fab and really meant everyone could relax - we can’t thank them enough for the fantastic service - the kids totally forgot their parents were even there they were all so occupied :)
Kathryn Murphy
Added 21st Apr 2022
Wedding 19th Apr 2022
Thanks so much Aisling, Amy & Alanna. Having you with us enabled us to relax and properly enjoy a great day. The kids loved ye and ye connected immediately with them. Couldn't have worked out better.
Michael Clancy Life Coaching
Added 12th May 2022
Wedding 16th Apr 2022
The Nannies were just amazing. They managed to keep all the kids happy and played with them all day long. Lots of toys, colouring books and games to keep them occupied while we got to enjoy the day. Great service. Would highly recommend them. Thank you ladies.
Martina Cooney & Hujo Gunn
Added 21st Apr 2022
Wedding 16th Apr 2022
We had our wedding on 16th April and chose the Wedding Nanny service as we had 8 younger children to be looked after at our wedding. Well, I can honestly say it was thee best decision I made. The girls, Aisling, Becky and Lydia (who was in training) were absoulutely amazing from start to finish. We were so reassured and could relax on the day knowing our children aged 6 and 4 were safe, entertained, happy, having great fun and fed and watered! And clean lol! Aisling and Becky organised an Easter egg hunt for the children as the wedding was on Easter Saturday and the excitement was second to none. the girls also organised a zoom call for all the parents of the children to be minded on the day, and it was so nice and reassuring to meet them live before our big day. the girls do a fantastic job, they are so professional, fun, happy and the kids have been asking about them since!! and not only the younger kids, but the older ones were equally involved, entertained and part of the group. I would highly recommend the wedding nanny service for your wedding or event - and if you are in two minds - just go for it, you will NOT regret it I guarantee you. Thanks Aisling, Becky and Lydia - and a huge congratulations to you on winning your category in the weddingsonline award ceremony 2022 - I can certainly see why you won.....
Added 10th Apr 2022
Wedding 7th Apr 2022
Aisling was an absolute must on our wedding, I'd go as far as saying as important as the band :-) Aisling looked after our little boy who is 2 along with his cousins ranging from 4-10 total 7 kids in total and we never had to worry at all. She allowed the kids to mix while always being ahead and knowing when to rein them in. They literally had a ball, playing, colouring, blowing bubbles and even getting to play safely outside. When our little boy went to sleep she even took the older kids for some fun. The next day all the kids were asking for her. We were on the fence on whether we needed one and I can honestly say after seeing Aisling with the kids it was the best decision we made.. An absolute lifesaver and there wasnt one tear, tantrum , hungry, lost ;) or overtired kid throughout the day!!! Thank you so much for giving such care and attention to all the kids, they all felt so special and the parents were delighed and got to enjoy the celebrations stress free.
Added 10th Apr 2022
Wedding 7th Apr 2022
Aisling was truly brilliant and the kids loved her I would highly recommend her. It was great to know kids were being cared for and the day went so smoothly and kids were happy .
Shonagh & Leigh Reynolds
Added 18th Apr 2022
Wedding 1st Apr 2022
Oh my goodness, where to even being with Aisling . She was a complete dream . We were sceptical about getting a Nanny as Our little boy is a Covid baby and even though he’s chilled he’s never knows many people then we had my niece and nephew who are very nervous around new people . I don’t know how I can thank Aisling enough she is the reason our wedding ran so smoothly and the best money spent . She turned up at 12.30 and started looking after the kids , she then got my little boy fed changed and dresses for the wedding she made sure he was taken around to see his dad before the ceremony she was there to assist and be on had for the ceremony allowing to walk down the aisle but then when he decided he’d had enough took him out and brought him back for the signing of the register. In the reception she was there but kept that a distance so they weren’t to overwhelmed she brought toys etc you name . Nothing you asked was to much trouble. She made a WhatsApp group where she sent pics and kept everyone updated. I could not recommend Aisling enough, all our guests commented on her . Saying how amazing and great with the kids she was . I wished I could of brought her home . I would recommend Aisling over and over again you will not be disappointed
Mandy Lonergan
Added 28th Mar 2022
Wedding 26th Mar 2022
Aisling was absolutely amazing with our 3 daughters on our Wedding day. Our children are 2, 3 and 7 and Aisling was brilliant with all of them and kept them entertained from start to finish. She helped us get the family photos we wanted with them and went to breakfast the next morning with them. Would highly recommend.
Added 26th Mar 2022
Wedding 24th Mar 2022
Aisling was beyond fantastic! My daughter (6) was being taken care of by her with 3 of her cousins and there wasnt a single issue she had complete control at all times which resulted in my daughter wanting to give her a hug goodbye by the following morning. There was a good level of reassurance from her throughout the night and she even managed to get 4 kids to sleep, two with additional needs with absolute ease that left us parents in a state of shock. She is worth every penney and more!
Nanny Geraldine
Added 11th Mar 2022
Wedding 10th Mar 2022
Aisling cared for my two grandchildren aged 16 mths and 2.5 yrs. She had a great rapport with the children from the beginning, and they loved her from the start. She was so helpful, prepared and efficient. The bride and groom were assured that the children were in excellent and safe care. Brilliant service that took the pressure of the wedding family while the children had great fun with all their needs meet. Other guests at the wedding commented on how good Aisling was with the children and the children were so happy in her company they thought she was a family member. I would have no problem recommending this service
Natasha Behan
Added 29th Jun 2022
Wedding 24th Feb 2022
We had Kaya as our Wedding Nanny last week for our Son Harry and his friend Tommy. Our Son Harry has type one diabetes and is on an insulin pump.This isn’t the easiest of things to deal with, but Kaya handled this situation brilliantly and the whole night ran so smoothly. I would highly recommend using this service. Thanks again to Aisling and Kaya! Such an amazing service.
Added 23rd Feb 2022
Wedding 11th Feb 2022
Sarah was amazing. She completely took over and took the stress off us from the minute she arrived. My son was so comfortable with her from the start! She sent pictures of him throughout the night which really reassured me and I felt so relaxed and could enjoy my night! Would definitely recommend!!
Siobhan & Ben
Added 28th Jan 2022
Wedding 14th Jan 2022
The quality of the Wedding Nanny Service is simply outstanding. From our initial enquiry with Aisling she was absolutely wonderful. She was so understanding and competent when discussing the needs of our reflux baby. On the big day we had Beck as our Nanny. Having the support of Beck absolutely exceeded all expectations we could have dreamed of! Beck is very experienced, has huge patience especially dealing with a colic and reflux baby. Our baby girl had all her feeds and was totally happy and content the entire day. We got regular updates by text to reassure us which was huge, she even sent us photos on whattsapp. We are so grateful to have found Aisling and Beck and we have already booked this service for another special occasion. Well done to all at Wedding Nanny.
Erin Lennon
Added 4th Jan 2022
Wedding 1st Jan 2022
I don't know where to begin. Trish was our wedding Nanny, she arrived promptly the morning of my wedding to mind my two boys, 1 and a half and 10 weeks old. Immediately, I knew she was going to be amazing. Her relaxed attitude and kind mannerisms allowed my eldest boy to gravitate towards her naturally. She slotted right in with my family among the hustle and bustle of the morning. I had no worries that my boys were in good hands. The next morning when I called in my eldest boy hardly looked up at what he was doing and was so happy I her company. My 10 week old baby was looked after within an inch of his life. Trish felt like family to us on the day and to me that is invaluable. I was so worried about who would mind my boys on our big day as I knew it wouldn't be fair to ask family. I will 100 percent use this service again. Aisling was a pleasure to deal with and I wanted to bring Trish home with me. Thank you both so much.
Sarah & Robert Scanlon
Added 21st Jan 2022
Wedding 31st Dec 2021
I can't even think of a word to describe Beck. Amazing,patient,kind, generous. She was just absolutely brilliant ! She genuinely is the reason our wedding day as as good as it was, because I wasn't worried about the kids at all. My kids ( ages 7, 3 and 1)don't go to anyone, especially the baby. But as soon as Beck arrived, we were put at ease as all three kids loved her. She looked after the kids while my husband got ready then at the church then stayed in the bedroom with them at the venue. However, she also brought them up to say goodnight and when it was our first dance. Honestly she's a dream and I couldn't say enough about her. The WhatsApp group whichcshe sent pics of the kids into was amazing and im so grateful for the gorgeous pics I got of the kids that she took because I never got a chance to .Thank you so much Beck! Our kids missed you as soon as you went. Will definitely use this service again if we need a sitter !
Added 12th Dec 2021
Wedding 10th Dec 2021
I cannot recommend this service enough. From the initial contact, to all the texts, calls and emails with the run up to our big day. It was a pleasure to have dealt with aisling who took the time to speak to me on the phone, considering every need of our baby and to answer any questions. She was so kind and flexible. Our little 6 month old son was blessed to have been looked after so well on the day, and took to trish straight away. Trish completed a video call in advance nd he loved her from the first moment and she managed to help him take a bottle even though he was exclusively breastfed up to the big day. She also kept us up to date with lovely videos and photos of him throughout the day, which helped us be put at ease. She is an absolute natural with children especially young babies and we were so lucky to have had her. The hotel staff also commented on how amazing she was with him, and wanted to know more about this service. Thank you again Aisling and Trish, you helped make our day even more special when we knew our little baby was looked after so well. We cannot thank you enough. I would happily recommend this service to anyone! Carol & Steve.
Aileen & Philip Kelly
Added 30th Nov 2021
Wedding 26th Nov 2021
Would highly recommend this service, by us booking Trish to mind our boys for our Wedding it was the best decision and best money we spent. Trish was wonderful with our boys and put us at ease for the whole day. We had no worries or concerns we were so confident that they were under the best care all day and night. Trish was such a kind and loving carer, she treated them like they were her own. Our 3 year old said she was the best babysitter ever !
Added 15th Nov 2021
Wedding 4th Nov 2021
The wedding nanny replied to my request really quickly and provided a quote, it was a great relief. We have two young children and wanted to make sure they would be looked after for the whole day and night of the wedding. Trish was just amazing with the kids. She was really lovely and you could tell she was a complete natural and so genuine. The two boys (age 1 and 3) had a great day and slept so well! I was able to completely relax and enjoy the day knowing they were in such good hands. She had a great selection of toys to keep them entertained. It was worth every penny and couldn’t recommend it enough!
Julie and Alan
Added 24th Oct 2021
Wedding 23rd Oct 2021
We booked the girls last year to mind 10 of our special little guests. Nikola and Aisling were just amazing. To say the kids were looked after well is an understatement. They took them from after the ceremony to just before the band started and in all that time they kept them entertained. They're set up was fantastic and each of the kids loved having them around- Fiadh said she had two new best friends and Conor asked if we were to get married to each other again could the girls come back ????. They made sure the kids had everything they needed and made sure that they were fed and entertained for the evening. It was the best money I have ever spent and the guests were just so impressed. Don't even hesitate to book them, just do it.
Ciara McGrath
Added 25th Oct 2021
Wedding 22nd Oct 2021
Aisling was our Nanny for the day and I can only say great things about her and so can the kids. She was so loving amd responsive to all their needs and made the day so easy for all involved especially the parents. She is worth her weight in gold and it was one of the best services we booked for our day. Worth every penny. Don't hesitate to book you will not be disappointed. Thank you Aisling for being amazing!
Eithne O Connor
Added 27th Oct 2021
Wedding 10th Oct 2021
Neisha was extremely professional and caring towards my baby girl. It put our mind at ease that she was being taken care of on our wedding day! Worth the money for the day that’s in it!
Siobhan Craddock
Added 24th Oct 2021
Wedding 24th Sep 2021
I would 100% recommend Aisling and her team. Without Aisling our day wouldn’t have been possible and my children absolutely loved her and cried when she left the next day. She was so attentive to their every need and made their day so enjoyable. It was so nice to have someone there who gave their whole attention to the kids, it meant me and my husband could enjoy our day with no worries at all. Aisling was such a pleasure to have around and a lovely, kind, helpful person. Thanks again Aisling x
Added 4th Oct 2021
Wedding 4th Sep 2021
I can highly recommend The Wedding Nanny Team. Aisling was a pleasure to deal with and Neisha was amazing on the day the way she entertained the children of all ages! It meant that children were part of of the wedding without getting bored, and parents could relax and have fun. It just all worked perfectly, especially throughout dinner. Thank you Wedding of the most important suppliers of the day!
Irene Conroy
Added 17th Mar 2022
Wedding 8th Aug 2021
Like many other couples arranging a wedding we ( I ) had a long list of to do items. One of those items was to organise the children’s table and how we could ensure that the children were happy - happy children happy parents / carers. So I set about looking for some kind of entertainment to engage them for a while on the day. This search led me to discover ‘The Wedding Nanny’ and my search stopped right there. I contacted Aisling Ross (owner) to ask if it was possible for Aisling to provide the nanny service on the day of our wedding. Aisling booked us in and and we were thrilled as we had read previous reviews about Aisling’s service. The first questions I had was about the staff did everyone have safeguarding training/ first aid training etc. Aisling assured us that all of that was in place. We wrote backwards and forwards on email finalising details; we had ten children ages 18 months - 12yrs. Aisling was extremely professional, courteous, friendly and communication all round was excellent. On the day Aisling and her assistant provided a professional, fun, fantastic, now essential I would say ! Service. All of our children were looked after. Aisling helped the little ones and with her assistant they both provided supervision, support and care for each and every child. Everyone at the wedding commented about how well the children were behaved at the table all throughout the meal Aisling kept the children amused and entertained with her Mary Popins back of tricks and her really lovely personality even one of the children that we were worried about as she is a bit quiet was soon engaged with Aisling and what was going on. Aisling arrived in the morning on time and stayed late into the evening / night ensuring each child was okay before she left to go home. The children had a great time ! The parents had a great time / they could relax and have their own personal time at the wedding knowing that their child / children were happy. The fee for Aislings service was very reasonable and I can honestly say that it was the best money we spent and we would definitely hire Aisling’s service again if we were having an event. We recommend and commend Aisling on the service she provided. I cannot praise her enough - I have to also say that at one point I became stressed / upset because something I had arranged for the service was going wrong Aisling stepped in and took me aside had a chat then helped me come back around and get focused on the day - we recommend The Wedding Nanny without hesitation.
Added 8th Jul 2021
Wedding 28th Dec 2019
I’d highly recommend Aisling, she was fantastic with our 9 month old, and after meeting her for the first time a week before our wedding, I was fully confident that our daughter would be in safe hands. We hired her for over a full day, allowing us to get ready for the wedding without disruption. She minded our daughter all morning and brought her to the ceremony and to the drinks reception, allowing us to get some photos with baby and for the guests to meet her. When our daughter started to get cranky, she whisked her away, and we were left to enjoy our day and night. We had a separate room for Aisling and baby overnight, so we were able to fully enjoy the celebrations until late into the night. I was a bit nervous beforehand about getting a nanny for the whole day and how baby (and I!) would cope. However Aisling called to our house the week before the wedding to talk through everything and meet our baby… as soon as I met Aisling, I was much more comfortable with the whole arrangement as I could tell we were in good hands. Hiring a wedding nanny meant that my husband and I could fully enjoy our wedding day, and that we weren’t asking our immediate family members to miss parts of the day to help look after the baby. It was the best money we spent, and I’d truly recommend the wedding nanny to anyone! Also, just to mention that Aisling was very flexible on times etc and had no problem with an early 7am start.
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