Wedding Wednesdays: How To Plan The Most Fun Wedding Ever! [Episode Six]


All weddings are fun, but there’s a way to make yours memorable! If you want to plan the most fun wedding ever, then set yours apart by injecting a little personality and thought into every aspect.


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Episode breakdown

Build excitement from the start

Get your guests excited for your Big Day before the wedding even begins. Send out themed Save the Dates and wedding invitations, hint at your wedding theme and use your wedding website to tell your love story. Build anticipation and give clues as to what guests can expect on the day.


Choose a theme

We love a themed wedding or fun colour combination! It’s a great way to inject some personality into your Big Day.

We’ve seen music themed wedding, travel themed weddings and bold themes like a “black gothic wedding with a ’til death’ theme”.

Once you’ve got a theme, find creative ways to carry it through your wedding.


Start the day right

Begin the day the way you plan to continue: lots of fun and keeping guests comfortable!

Welcome everybody with a cold or warm drink, give them a printout of the plan for the day and include some fun facts about you!


Make it interactive

Have your guests socialising on the day and before! You can’t manufacture moments where new friendships are created, but you can create spaces to get guests mingling! Mix up your seating arrangements, serve food buffet style or play a game.


Make it fun for the kids

A huge thank you to Aisling Ross from The Wedding Nanny for her expert advice and creative ideas! Find fun ways to include the kids in the ceremony (how about a sand ceremony?), ask your venue coordinator if the children can ring the bell for dinner, and most importantly, have fun with your children on the day!


Think outside the ballroom

Brainstorming can often begin and end with your venue choice. Why not find a venue that has space for fun photos? Or how about a cosy spot to huddle around the fireplace or a lovely corner for a cute photo booth? The trick is to find a venue that’s authentic to you!


Make your party, well, a party

Create a party atmosphere with an amazing wedding band! Get your guests to send in song requests ahead of time and surprise them with unique wedding entertainment. Things like an interactive game, a comedy, magician, dance performance or… end with a bang with a fireworks display!

Martina from Rocket Pyro says: “If couples are looking to wow their guests with unique entertainment, a fireworks display is certainly the perfect way to do just that! Imagine having your own intimate, bespoke fireworks display just for you and your guests?”


Have fun snacks

Keep your guests on the dance floor all night with fun snacks! We’re talking Tayto packs, food bars, late night pizza, a candy station, dessert tables, good coffee or your favourite comfort food.


Say goodbye to stiff traditions

Do things your way! If you’re into traditions, then have them. But if you’re not up for a bouquet toss, confetti or a first dance, then don’t do it.

Extend the rule a bit and relax your dress code, serve your favourite cocktails instead of Prosecco and ditch the speeches.


Be a good host

If you feel overwhelmed, look busy and have lots on the go, that will set the tone for everyone else. Have a great time, be present and relaxed and your guests will feel the same.

Our Real Wedding features are full of fabulous couples who remind us that we need to forget about the smaller details, stop stressing and just have fun because the day just flies by!