Ask the Experts: What Skincare Regime Would You Recommend on the Lead Up to the Wedding?

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While there’s no doubt  you’ll be glowing all on your own on your wedding day, getting in to a good skincare regime on the run up to the wedding will defo give it a helping hand. There’s a few things you should be doing to make sure your skin is in tip top shape for your Big Day so we asked the experts, the makeup artists for some bridal skincare tips to ensure you nail your pre-wedding skincare regime! Here’s what they had to say…

Deborah Leonard Makeup Artist | View Profile

Hey wedding peeps, okay, so planning a wedding can be stressful which can at times wreak havoc on your poor skin. Worry not my lovelies, for fabulous skin, simply follow my top 5 amazing skin care tips for your wedding.

  1. Know your skin type! Is it oily, combination skin, sensitive skin, problematic skin or dehydrated.
  2. Once you’ve taken care of the above, seek out a product that deals with your own skin issues.
  3. Don’t leave it until the week before your wedding before you start looking after your skin, start now. Cleanse and tone every night and your skin will totes love you for it (and ahem, yes, I said totes… rebel).
  4. Exfoliate at least fortnightly, evenings only and combine this with a face mask. This treatment will promote skin health. Top Tip – elevate your feet while wearing a mask, this increases blood circulation thus encouraging lymphatic drainage which… tah dah helps your skin become all bright and glowy.
  5. Finally, keep your skin hydrated, nourished and protected by moisturising before bed and after you’ve showered.

Unsure of your skin type or need more amazing tips, simply give me a shout, I’m here to help.

Laura Kay | View Profile

In the run up to your big day, I would advise getting into a great skin care routine. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it needs to suit your skin type and lifestyle. If you can’t commit to cleanse, tone, moisturising twice a day… look at alternatives. Facial washes, oil cleansers, putting your toner in a spray bottle. Leaving cleansing products in the shower and beside the bed etc. Set reminders for a weekly facial mask and scrub. If you get into great habits, you won’t necessarily need to get expensive facials. HOWEVER, there’s no point taking care of your skin for months on end if your diet is poor or if the final week, you’re running about and picking up terrible food choices on the go. In the run up when you’re doing your last minute jobs, include pit stops for healthy food choices.

Ruthanna Makeup | View Profile

Bridal makeup should be radiant, fresh and elegant. To achieve such a look the skin needs to be in the best possible shape. Having said that, don’t panic if your skin is not cooperating- your trained Makeup Artist will have worked on all skin types with every imaginable condition/challenge so there is always a way to make the skin look good.

How we treat our skin:

We have all become a lot more aware of the importance of water for our bodies; while this is critical, there are other ways to improve the skin. It is vital that cleansers, treatments, moisturisers and eye creams are for your specific skins requirements, and not just the latest product launch or what your friend uses. Often a beautiful moisturiser is used on a skin cleansed with harsh wipes- the moisturiser will have to work to repair the lost moisture instead of really plumping and hydrating, so much of the benefit is lost.

Supplementing the skin with what we eat- hydrating and nourishing the skin can be done through your diet introducing nutrient rich foods full of essential fats.

We can really improve the appearance of our skin by increasing circulation and blood flow. A brisk walk will get the blood pumping to flush toxins and brighten dull skin.

Expensive facials and creams cannot undo the toll of a diet full of heavily processed/fast food on the skin so if you are hoping to improve the skin, it is really a multifaceted approach that works best, no single area discussed will work in isolation.

Lastly, if there are any blemishes or scars, they can always be concealed. Skin that has been repeatedly picked, prodded or irritated is much harder to work with!

Lotte Laure Colombine LLC Makeup | View Profile

I can’t stress enough how important a good skincare routine is leading up to your wedding date! Makeup can do a lot but it’s not magic and a lot of people forget that. The canvas, your skin, is the real base for how good your makeup looks and lasts.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Cleanse with a mild cleanser twice a day!
  3. Double cleanse when wearing makeup (pre-cleansing oil first, then your normal cleanser)
  4. Use a mask 1 to 2 times per week
  5. Get a skin consultation so you will use the correct products for your skin and maybe some treatments
  6. Use a serum
  7. Same goes for eye cream
  8. Exfoliate once per week unless advised otherwise at your skin consultation.

Rosie Kirk Makeup Artist | View Profile

To get your skin in better condition, you should get your bridal trial at least 3 months before your wedding. This is giving you time to get your skin in better condition by using the right cleanser, moisturiser, facials etc. for your skin type. You want your skin to be as radiant as possible. If for example you have dry skin, you should train your skin not to be as dry on your wedding day. Up your water intake, take your makeup off, use moisturiser that creates hydration on your skin etc. Making small changes to your skincare regime 3 months before your big day will make you feel more confident. A makeup artist can only do so much, no matter how good they are, you have to do this for yourself.

Michelle T Makeup | View Profile

On the run up to the big day, I send my brides some skincare info and encourage them to have regular facials and invest in a good skincare regime to ensure you are radiant on the big day. I love Irish brand ‘Pestle and Mortar’ skincare, it’s great for all skin types.

Angelface Makeup | View Profile

Start your skincare regime about 4-6 months before the wedding if possible. Once of the best facials around is IPL treatments, they can cost about €100 a session and most salons recommend about 4 sessions. They’re available at Alethea Laser & Beauty.

Timeless Beauty by Sarah Kirwan | View Profile

A complete skincare regime should begin at least 6 months before your wedding. It is so important to have that natural, healthy glow that comes from your skin rather than makeup. Your makeup will just enhance your natural beauty rather than mask it. Contact your beauty therapist and ask for the best facials to prepare you for the big day.

Forever Fabulous Makeup Artist | View Profile

I suggest to all my brides that they start their skincare regime at least six months before their big day. Although I would suggest that you ALWAYS stick to a good skincare routine!

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise EVERY morning and evening!
  • Use a day moisturiser with at least SPF 15 during the day
  • Use a night cream as your nightly moisturiser
  • Exfoliate your face and neck twice a week! (top tip: leave product in the shower and you will not forgot!)
  • Exfoliate your whole body at least once a week, again leave your body exfoliator in the shower and you have no excuses!
  • After every shower, moisturise your whole face and body as hot water strips moisture from your skin and causes dryness
  • Use a face mask once a week
  • Make sure you are using products that suit your skin type!

If you can afford to, I would suggest planning your bridal skincare journey with your beauty therapist or local spa and they will put in place your individual package and schedule all your dates for you. There is nothing like professional facials and specialist treatments. I would suggest going once a month and then having a few appointments in the last week before the wedding so you can have all the little bits done like, full body exfoliation and buff, manicure, pedicure, eyelash tinting, brow shape, waxing and tanning! Having said this, you must also keep to a strict daily skincare routine, not only for flawless skin on your wedding day but also to help combat the ageing process!

Some of my favorite products are listed below, you do not have to buy the most expensive brands to see better results, so I have listed some great affordable products along with some higher end options. Also take note of the ingredients in your skincare products, natural and free of any harmful ingredients including parabens are best for your skin! I also look for companies that do not test on animals.


Cleanser: Garnier Skin Naturals Cleansing Water, Nataura Cleansing range from Biofresh Skincare

Toner: Rose Water

Moisturiser Day: Probiotic Day Therapy Collagen Expert Cream fro, Biofresh Skincare, Guinot Crème Hydra Beaute (Long Lasting Moisturising Cream, CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC CREAM, Charlotte Tilbury

Moisturiser Night: Lacura Q10 Anti Wrinkle Night Cream from Aldi, No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Night Cream

Exfoliation face: Guinot Gommage Éclat Parfait, Boots Botanics Shine Away Face Scrub

Exfoliation body: Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream, Soap & Glory ORANGEASM exfoliating body polish

Body Moisturiser: Clinique Deep Comfort Butter, Rose Oil Q10 Super nourishing from Biofresh Skincare

Face Mask: Guinot Masque Essential Nutrition (Instant Radiance Moisturising Mask), Multi Miracle Glow, Charlotte Tilbury. No7 Beautiful Skin Mask.

*Coconut oil is a must have product for face, body, nails, hands and hair care!