How to do Your Hair and Makeup for Virtual Wedding Events

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So many couples have had to postpone, reschedule or adjust their wedding plans because of Covid and lockdown. We love that this isn’t stopping anybody from celebrating! From microweddings to virtual wedding events to celebrate their love, couples are embracing the challenge. We love that!

When the day comes, you are going to find such value in having a professional makeup artist and hairstylist on your bridal team (we can’t stress this enough!). But in the meantime, here are some expert tips on how to do your own hair and makeup for your virtual wedding events!

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How to do Your Hair and Makeup for Virtual Wedding Events

Call Your Stylist

Don’t be afraid to contact your makeup artist or hairstylist to ask for advice. Your makeup artist could advise you on the right shades of eye shadow to choose and your hairstylist could show you how to style your hair. Make the most of the expert advice available to you and reach out to your bridal style team for some tips.


Makeup – It’s All About Good Lighting!

First of all make sure you find good light to show off your makeup and look your best. Place your laptop or phone at a window so you are facing the light straight on. Overhead and side lighting can cause unflattering shadows on the face. Go glam! It will be lovely for the couple to feel you made a big effort for them. Play up the eyes or wear a vibrant, statement lip – Focusing on one area will make you look party-ready but not overdone. Add shape to the face using a matte bronzer along the cheekbones and dust around the face for additional warmth. Don’t forget to define those brows to complete your look so you are camera ready.  – Ailbhe Lynch – Makeup Artist


Follow Makeup Tutorials

Take a look at this makeup tutorial video by Stylicious to find out how to do a simple, smokey eye!

And here’s one by Makeup by Asta:


Don’t Be Afraid of Blush and Lipstick

Computer webcams are notorious for washing you out, so embrace the blush and lipstick. This will help you to add some colour to your complexion so you look glowing and beautiful.


Hair – Try Soft Waves

When choosing a style especially for a Virtual wedding, watch out for too many fine trailing pieces in the front, if you wish to soften your style pinch out fine stands from the area of the hairline inline with your outer eyebrow, this way it won’t tend to fall in your face! – Hair by Marion


Stay True to Yourself

Remember that the most important thing is to look like yourself. Your Other Half thinks you are gorgeous as you are, and you want to feel as confident as you possibly can. Use your regular beauty routine as a guide and add to it. A little more eyeliner than usual, a shade of lipstick that’s one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour, and of course, a great skincare routine!

You might be tempted to try something totally new for your virtual wedding events, but that is often when brides feel their least confident. If you typically wear your hair down, now might not be the best time to try wearing it up. If you’ve never had curls before, are your virtual wedding events the time to try it out? That’s only a call that you can make, but our expert advice is to style yourself in such a way that you feel completely confident and gorgeous! And don’t forget to practice!