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Mother of the Bride Style Advice

Just like your wedding dress, the outfit your mum (and mother-in-law to be!) wears on your big day will be a once in a lifetime choice, you want her to feel fabulous and look amazing, so we thought maybe you could offer her some advice with our style tips. We are always receiving emails and comments on where to begin, what to look for and what to steer clear of, so we’ve put together our top ten tips for getting it right.

  1. An important rule, but one that many mums fail to do – buy the right size, it’s only the bride who looses weight for the big day! Your outfit, no matter how much it cost will only look good if it fits correctly. If you’re larger on top compared to your bottom half, or vice versa, separates are the way to go. A fitted waist and flared bottom will work wonders at disguising larger hips, whilst a tunic style will flatter most body shapes. Many mother of the bride outfits now come with built in corsetry which will help your achieve a flattering silhouette, whilst ruching and pleating are great for showing off your figure whilst giving you extra support.
  2.  Go for elegance and never, ever try to outshine the bride. You want to be the second most dazzling lady at the wedding, remember it’s the brides big day! Two points you should remember, never too tight and never too short. Dress confidently and carry your outfit off with grace and style.
  3. Don’t dress for your age, dress for your personality. Just because you are over a certain age doesn’t mean you have to completely cover up or dress like you never would before! If you’ve a vibrant personality, there’s nothing wrong for going with a strong and vibrant outfit. Choose a skirt length that you are comfortable with and don’t wear too high a heel. Don’t wear the exact same colour as the bridesmaids, if you want wear a similar or complementing colour, maybe in a different fabric. Above all else, make sure you look like you, on a very good day of course!

  4. Dress from the inside out. Your outfit will only shine if you give it the correct foundation, in other words underwear is key. Whether you chose to wear shape wear or simply a bra and pants that holds you in the right place, make sure it is comfortable, flattering and appropriate for your outfit – clear bra straps went out a looong time ago!
  5. Wear shoes you can walk in. Personally, I think there is nothing worse than a beautiful mother of the bride who can’t walk because she’s teetering along in impossibly high heels! Like the bride, remember to wear in your shoes a few days before the wedding. Whilst we’re talking feet and legs, nude tights. For me they are a no-no, but for many ladies they like the security of flesh coloured tights under their outfit, especially if they aren’t confident with fake tan.
  6. Accessorise correctly. If the venue dictates a fabulous hat, wear a fabulous hat! Most Mothers of the bride and groom will wear some sort of accessory in their hair, whether that be a hat or fascinator. If you’ve gone sleeveless but would prefer to cover up your arms, opt for a bolero, fancy little cardigan or shawl, skip the pashmina! Your best bet would be to check if your outfit comes with a cover-up, many do and it will save you a long search for the perfect option.

  7. Make the right hair choices. Many women feel that an up-do is the ultimate style for a special occasion but often an up-do can make you look older if they are too formal and tight. If you are having your hair put up, ask for a loose and casual style and if you’ve great hair why not go for a great blow-dry and show it off?
  8. Most mother of the bride’s will have their makeup applied by the makeup artist along with the bridal party. If you don’t usually wear too much makeup, today is not the day to go all-out crazy heavy with the foundation! You want to look glowing and dewy so make sure you convey that to your makeup artist.
  9. Give yourself plenty of time to find the right outfit and also extra time for alterations.
  10. Last tip! It’s Ireland, remember your umbrella, soggy Mother of the bride is not a good look.

Above all else, wear your outfit with confidence and a smile! 

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