Charming Photos of Grooms Waiting For Their Brides

The Groom

I am an absolute sucker for an emotional groom. In fact, whenever I attend a wedding, I’m not looking at the bride walking down the aisle. I’m looking at the groom! There’s always so much emotion in that moment, and in the moments leading up to the bride actually arriving. Often there are nerves, tears, excited smiles, anticipation. All of these things are what makes this moment so incredibly special. These photos of grooms show all of these wonderful things.

We have some beautiful real wedding stories on the blog [if you haven’t seen them, go check them out!] and the photographers have captured some lovely moments. I spent some time going through them and I selected my favourite photos of grooms waiting for their brides. Enjoy!


Peter Rowen Photography | A Romantic Wedding With Eucalyptus and Candles


Cristiano Ostinelli | A Three-Day Wedding in Italy


AK Photography | A Whimsical Wedding With a Rustic Theme


Syona Photography | A Marvellous Superhero Themed Wedding


Andrea and Federica Tappo | A Wonderful Three Day Wedding in Italy


Denlo Photography | A Summer Wedding With a Purple and Pink Theme


David Maury Photography | A Vintage Style Wedding


Wedding Moments | A Romantic Wedding at Radisson Blu Sligo


Reflections Photography | A Glorious Gold and Black Wedding


Eric Ronan Photography | A Gatsby Inspired Wedding


Laura and Benny Photography | A DIY Wedding With Pops of Bright Pink