Wedding Budget Advice You’ve Never Heard Before

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When it comes to wedding budget advice, you’ve probably heard the same advice a few times. It usually sounds a bit like this: Invite fewer guests, host the wedding in your garden, skimp on flowers, buy secondhand, or bring your own music system from home. Now we understand that the people who give this advice mean well, but it’s not what we’ve got in mind.

We’ve gathered some expert wedding budget advice from the pros and they have suggested some really creative ways you can save money while still having the wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Things like picking suppliers local to your venue so you save on mileage costs (genius!). We are not in the habit of advising couples to skimp, because a wedding may just be one day, but it’s the biggest day of your life. Take a look at the wedding budget advice below…


Don’t shop cheap

If you remember just one thing from this entire blog post, I want it to be this: sticking to your budget does not mean you should select the cheapest option. As Darren Byrne Photography put it simply, “Don’t make the mistake of going for the cheapest.”


There are several reasons for this:

You get what you pay for. The cheapest options may result in lower quality, or you may end up with a simple package that requires you to pay extra for all the essential add-ons. “Look for an all-inclusive price from your supplier so that you have no hidden extras!” is the advice Brenda O’Grady gives.

Cheaper sometimes means inexperienced, and with inexperience comes added stress on your part. Knowing that you have selected suppliers who are reliable and able to deliver will go a long way!

From catering and photography to decor and entertainment, there are many aspects of the wedding that can be impacted by being too frugal. Opting for only the cheapest suppliers can seriously hinder your (and your guests’) wedding experience.


“Don’t just base your results on the cheapest option. Find the option that will give you what you want, for the best price on offer – no matter where that is on the price scale. It’s more important that you get the best possible product or service, rather than just going for the cheapest.” – Romy, A Beautiful Ceremony


It’s okay to be cheeky

Don’t quote us on this, but lots of suppliers are willing to be flexible. Just ask! “Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts, some suppliers are very approachable with different offers,” says Alan Foran of Long Time Coming Wedding Band.

Ronan HD Photography has a similar approach. “If a couple says the quote is slightly outside their budget, I’ll often lower the quote a little bit.”

The moral of the story? If you meet your dream supplier who is a little outside your budget, don’t be afraid to open a conversation and ask for a discount.


Package deals and two-for-one

Do your research and be clever about booking package deals. We’re talking about individual suppliers who can offer multiple services, creative suppliers who can repurpose their product to serve multiple functions, or suppliers who work together!

“When booking your bridal makeup pick a makeup artist that can offer complete packages for makeup and hair. If booked together the make-up artist and hairdresser can travel together, saving on travel costs to the venue.” – Louise Keane Makeup

“Before booking two cars to take the bride and bridal party to the ceremony, consider the distances involved and whether it would be feasible for one car to make two trips.” – Peadar Mulligan of Classic Wedding Car and Limousine Hire

“I’m looking at church or civil ceremony and seeing where and how you will get the best out of your flowers. We look at reusing at your evening celebration, or maybe creating the most gorgeous table landscape of flowers.” – Balla Florists by Judi Roche

“Many ceremony musicians do package deals where ceremony & drinks reception music are booked together. Also booking local cuts down on additional travel costs that suppliers might charge.” – Wedding Music by Louise Courtney

“For ceremony music, consider booking a singer who accompanies themselves on an instrument (i.e. piano/guitar/harp). You won’t have to pay for more than one person, and also ask them if they can also cover music for your drinks reception.” – Stella Bass


Think outside the box

There are some really simple ways you can save money on your wedding when you think creatively. As Rev Karen Dempsey suggests, “Pick suppliers local to your venue where possible, so you save on mileage costs.”

Karen Pugh Travel Counsellors advise to book your wedding honeymoon for the offpeak season. “Not only are prices better but destinations can be less crowded and you’re more likely to get upgrades in resorts and hotels.”

And when it comes to entertainment, look for a variety of entertainment from an experienced entertainer! “Hire an experienced entertainer that offers a wide and varied range of entertainment, suitable for all ages. Choose an entertainer that offers a selection of packages to suit your requirements and budget.” – John Gerard

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