Wedding Makeup – Experts Answer Your FAQs

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Brides, it’s time to think about your wedding makeup! You’ve probably got lots of questions – choosing the right products, makeup trial do’s and don’ts, having that beautiful glow, what makeup artists costs, and more. Take a peek at our fabulous wedding makeup artists as they answer all of your frequently asked questions.


How can I look like myself on my wedding day?

This is one of Audrey O’Connor‘s biggest tips: “Stay true to you!” Nothing is out of bounds on your Big Day, but you want your makeup to reflect your everyday style so you can look and feel like the best version of yourself.

She adds, “If you are a red lip person or a natural/neutral lip person, don’t make a dramatic change for your wedding day. Always keep your personal style in mind. Almost always, I will ask the bride to bring her collection of lipsticks with her on the day of the trial and I’ll ask her what is your favorite go-to lipstick. This is a perfect starting point because now I know this is the shade range we need to be in when we make our final decision.”


What’s your favourite blusher?

2023 brides, want to know which blusher is best? Audrey Bourke shares her favourite: “Rosy Glow by Dior. It looks amazing on every skin tone!”


Do I have to have a makeup trial?

According to Maria from Allure, a makeup trial isn’t necessary, but she highly recommends one! It’s a great opportunity to get to know your makeup artist, browse through their portfolio, and see if you just “click”.

Maria says, “Trial is not your way or their way, trial is like two lane high road = combining your ideas and hopes and our experience and expertise to get to the final destination – bride to be looking and feeling like the the most beautiful version of herself. That’s the kind of person you want around you and your family on the morning of your wedding. So are trial’s important? In my opinion absolutely.”

If you want a “test run” of your wedding day makeup look as well as the products that will be used, a trial is a great space to do that! Christine O’Connor recommends a makeup trial because it’ll keep your wedding morning free from stress, knowing that everything will run smoothly. She adds, “Makeup is visual and can be difficult to describe. Also, quite often the meaning of terms like “natural makeup” or a “smokey eye” varies for each client. So, being able to see the makeup in person and make any changes from there will go a long way for both you and the artist.”


Wondering want to bring along to your makeup trial? Here’s what Carolina from Hair Passion suggests you add to your list: inspiration photos, photos of your dress and jewellery, photos of your regular makeup look.


Bonus: “I suggest coming without makeup on. Makeup done on fresh and clean skin looks the best.”


Wedding morning: How much time will I need? Should I hire an assistant? What comes first, hair or makeup?

Aoife Crossan reminds us that even the most natural makeup look can take up to an hour per person! With this in mind, should you ask your makeup artist to bring along an assistant to speed things up?


Here’s what Aoife suggests: “I always recommend reaching out to your artist and asking them to book an assistant they trust to come and help with bookings over 5 people. This means the whole morning will be super relaxed and everyone in the  bridal party will feel stunning. The feedback I get from brides who hired my assistants is incredible. It’s a morning they always remember full of stories shared over lipstick and Prosecco. You want to feel perfect and perfection takes time.”


If you don’t want your girls up at 6am getting their makeup done, then an assistant makeup artist is a great asset to the wedding morning team.


So, on the morning, what goes first, hair or makeup? Lorraine from Hollywood Beauty says, “Hair and makeup work as a team. We will swap over when one is done depending on who is ready. With timings, we can normally suss this out between us and not even need to bother the bridal party.”



Will I need to get my makeup touched up at some point on the day?

“Until an absolute genius launches a lipstick that never budges, you will always find yourself having to touch up your lipstick throughout the day,” advises Sara Duffy.


Wondering when to do touch ups? This is Sara’s advice: “I always advise my brides to touch up their lips straight after the ceremony as this is when the majority of your photos will be taken and then every time she visits the bathroom, just touch up the lips. Regardless of skin type, I would suggest a bride has a pressed powder for the day. Apart from that, you shouldn’t need to touch up the makeup at all.”


Considering Airbrush Makeup for an extra hygienic application and minimal touch ups? Nelly from Airbrush Makeup says, “The formulas used are water resistant and waterproof with no touch ups for 18 hours. From mimosas in the morning to late evening, your make up will look great!”


For lips, Nelly recommends a lip stain liquid lipstick for a long lasting effect.


How can I have glowy skin on my wedding day?

Nicki Fanning says that brides need to pay attention to how their skin feels after cleansing and moisturising. “If it’s really tight or supple and feels moisturised, if not invest in really rich moisturiser and definitely a serum to smooth the skins surface, keep it hydrated and address issues like dullness/redness. For many brides with v dry skin I’ll always advise a facial mist spritzed onto face (am & pm) then few drops of a facial oil mixed into palm of hands to heat it up and massage gently onto still damp skin.”


The answer really is in how you prepare your skin, according to Robyn Byrne! “Artists can only work with the skin you have, so if your skin is in its healthiest situation possible it creates the base for the perfect, whatever that might be for you. In order to prep, after all my trials I send all my brides salons/professionals who offer facials and peels, a list of skincare products suited to each bride based on my experience and working with them and I get ALL my brides to purchase “sheet” masks, as due to their technology they force serum and product into the skin so are a great way to add extra hydration into the skin no matter what your budget is. So after all trials I send my brides a list of different ones for different skin types.”


So how do you get that glow? Grainne Coloe says that a fancy bottle of moisturiser that smells amazing really isn’t anywhere near enough. So what’s her secret? “Naturally glowing skin is typically skin that is healthy and hydrated. People can work towards this by gradually implementing a good home care skin routine, as well as by making changes to their diet or lifestyle. TIP – Drinking LOTS of water is your best friend.”


Grainne also recommends a cleanser, toner (optional), serum, moisturiser and of course, SPF (nothing less than factor 30).


How do I choose a wedding makeup artist? What do they cost?

Laura Devides recommends looking for somebody with experience in bridal makeup! While hunting, ask for references and reviews and to see a portfolio of their work. In addition, “It’s also important to see if you click with that person, as you’ll be together moments before one of the most important moments of your life.”


And what should you expect to pay? Laura says, “Prices range from €350 to €800 depending on where your wedding will be and the size of your bridal party. Most of the artists also ask for a deposit to book your date in.”