Ask the Experts – How Much Wine Should You Allocate Per Guest?

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Not sure how much wine to allocate per wedding guest? Our experts share their advice…

From the Experts:

Joe from Rathsallagh House, Wicklow – View Profile

A half bottle of wine per head is the ideal allocation. We find that up to 20% of your guests will not drink wine at all, so say an average wedding of 120 people would have 60 bottles of wine allocated, the remaining 12 bottles would then be allocated back to the other 80% of the guests so everyone would have just over half a bottle at the end of the day which is plenty.

Amy from Bellinter House, Meath – View Profile

No more than half a bottle per person, it is realistic. You don’t want your guests to have to go to bed before the first dance!

Karyn from Crover House Hotel, Cavan – View Profile

I have found from experience that 2 glasses of wine is ample amount. Some people are not wine drinkers and their pour can be passed onto those that do drink wine, allowing some to have three.

Susan from The Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Limerick – View Profile

Practically every one of the hundreds of weddings I’ve managed have overestimated the wine allocation. Half a bottle per person should be plenty at the meal. Your guests will have had a few glasses at the reception already and with the people who don’t drink wine passing on their allocation to those who do you will be looking at 3 or 4 glasses for all the wine drinkers; plenty with the meal. If you’re anxious about running out, ask your banqueting manager to put a case aside and if the wine looks like it’s running out then they can ask you if you’d like to open your reserves.

Nicola from Athlone Springs Hotel, Westmeath – View Profile

The majority of our weddings are allocating 2 glasses or a half bottle per person with the wedding meal. This equates to a pour of wine at the beginning of the meal and then a top up between the starter and soup and before the main course is served. I think this is a good allocation as it ensures that your guests will have a drink throughout dinner service.

Claire from Clanard Court Hotel, Kildare – View Profile

Half a bottle of wine per guest is usually sufficient for a 5 course meal. A couple of factors to consider is if you are using your wine for the toast or if you are providing another alternative.

Gareth from Glasson Lakehouse, Westmeath – View Profile

Work on the basis of an average of half bottle per person. Discuss with your venue the amount – it’s safest to go for an option that pours to the demands of the wedding guests. The reality is that some weddings are more or less ‘thirsty’ than others, and you do not want to be either hit with an unexpected bill the next morning or for your guests to be left ‘dry’.

Sue from Lord Bagenal Inn, Carlow – View Profile

One third to half a bottle per guest – some will make a glass last for the whole meal whilst others will drink 4 or 5 glasses but it averages out to a half bottle maximum. Remember approximately two bottles of white for each bottle of red wine as a guide ratio for usage too.

Photo from Tara & Fionan’s real wedding by DKPHOTO