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Wedding Wednesdays: Make Or Break Things Everyone Forgets To Plan For Their Wedding [Episode 110]

I’ve made a list of 10 things that everyone forgets to plan for their wedding. And when I say they are make or break, I’m not exaggerating! The great news is that most of these won’t cost you anything extra, but will help you to plan a stress-free wedding that’s enjoyable for everyone. 

WOL Loves: Floral Crowns

You can’t beat a gorgeous floral crown to give your bridal look an extra touch of romance, plus they look just as pretty on your maids or flower girls, too. 

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Don’t Be An Irritating Bride!

Wedding planning can be stressful and we know many brides can feel overwhelmed with the whole thing. Don’t worry, just keep these five weddings planning decisions that involve your bridesmaids in check and you’ll be sweet! 

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How To Use Social Media To Plan Your Wedding

Take a look at our guide on how to use social media to plan your wedding, without going crazy!

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Seasonal Wedding Flowers Throughout The Year

I’m a big fan of shopping seasonally! It’s a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet. Seasonal flowers are a really easy way for sustainability-conscious couples to make wiser choices, and you’ll ave money too!

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Wedding Love, With Neutral Colours And Pops Of Blue

This is Laura and Nicky, a beautiful couple who tied the knot earlier this year! They describe their wedding theme as ‘neutral’, with a white and green bouquet and pops of blue in the decor and bridesmaids dresses. 

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To Hire A Wedding Planner Or Not… A Breakdown

It’s not only the rich who hire a wedding planner! In fact, having a wedding planner on your supplier dream team is one way to take some of the pressure off of yourselves and actually enjoy your wedding and engagement.

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10 Romantic Rose Bouquets

For me there is nothing more romantic than a rose bouquet. 
From fabulous garden roses with their sweet scent to modern all white reflexed roses for a sleek, contemporary look – no matter your wedding style, roses will work perfectly. 

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4 Fabulous Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Your Big Day is going to fly by so quickly – just ask any of our real couples, they’ll tell you! So what better way to hold onto your memories than with a gorgeous keepsake? One way to do that is to preserve your wedding bouquet.

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Wedding Wednesdays: If I Got Engaged, I’d Do This First! [Episode 109]

If I got engaged, there are 7 things I’d do before I even start booking suppliers! Want to know what those things are? And want to know which suppliers I’d book first? This week, I’m dishing the dirt!

WOL Loves: 8 Incredible Plus Size Bridal Gowns

We’re sharing eight incredible plus size bridal gowns because every bride no-matter her shape or size deserves the best bridal gown. From off the shoulder to fabulous lace, we’ve got eight beauties that will make your heart race…

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Nine of the Prettiest Blooms for A Summer Wedding

Summer is by far the most popular season for weddings, for many reasons including the fabulous variety of in-season flowers. Beautiful summer blooms are abundant, with everything from frilly garden roses to elegant hydrangeas, you’ll definitely not be stuck for choice! 

How To Nail Your Wedding Speech

If you are giving a wedding speech anytime soon, the thought of getting up in front of hundreds of strangers may have you in a panic. Despite your nerves, it’s totally possible to write and deliver a memorable wedding speech, even if you’ve never done one before!

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Here’s How Real Couples Entertained Their Guests At The Wedding

I just love looking at real wedding stories! You get a great glimpse into the choices real couples have made. It’s like a real life Pinterest board, with all the gorgeous photos to show off the style, theme, flowers, colours and more. It’s also a brilliant way to see how real couples entertained their guests at the wedding and what worked well! 

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An Elegant Summer Wedding With Colourful Wildflowers

Meet Shayna and Ryan! They got married at the gorgeous Moyvalley Hotel & Balyna House and planned an elegant summer wedding with colourful wildflowers. 

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Attention Groomsmen! Here’s Your List Of Wedding Responsibilities

If you’ve been asked to stand by your bestie’s side, you’ll probably already know that there’s more to do than just put on a suit and show up on time. You’ll have some tasks to do before the day and a few things to help make the wedding day run smoothly. Here’s a comprehensive list of wedding responsibilities that the couple will expect you to take on. With this list, you’ll ace your groomsmen duties!

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Bring Me Sunshines: Wedding Parasols

One accessory you will need on a beautiful summers day is a parasol, perfect for keeping you in the shade away from the strong sun, and perfect for fabulous summery wedding photo opportunities! Parasols are similar in shape to umbrellas but usually are flatter when opened. They come in lots of lovely designs and colours and will easily blend in with your wedding decor. 

How To Plan An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Worried about guests being on their phones at your wedding? You may want to consider hosting an unplugged wedding ceremony! This way, your guests can be fully present, not hiding behind their phones, and you’ll know that they are all enjoying the moment. 

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WOL Loves: Cheerful Buttonholes for Summer Grooms

The buttonhole is a tiny piece of art that will finish off the grooms look, they’re small but pack a punch! Usually created using flowers to match the bouquet, buttonholes can be finished in lots of different ways including twine for a rustic look, velvet for a touch of luxury and silk ribbon for the ultimate elegant feel. 

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Wedding Wednesday: Answering Your Most Common Wedding Ceremony Questions, Part Three [Episode 108]

If you’ve ever had a question about wedding ceremonies in Ireland, this is for you! Join us for the final part in this series, where guest experts are answering your most common wedding ceremony questions. This week’s theme is all about the legal side of things!