9 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Day Runs Smoothly

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Naturally you want your wedding day to be best, the funnest, the loveliest day ever! Well, there are a few things you can do that will make all the difference. Here’s 9 ways to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly…

1. Let your suppliers do their job

It’s normal to feel increasingly frazzled as the date approaches. You start to worry what will happen if a supplier lets you down, arrives late, doesn’t bring what you bought. It will help you to remember that once you sign the contracts, confirm the final dates, times and details, you can take a deep breath and relax. It’s now in the hands of the professionals. Good suppliers know that disappointing you will affect their reputation. Let them do their job and they’ll do it well. There’s no need to constantly keep checking, emailing and confirming.

2. Make a morning schedule

We’ve already written a handy guide about how to figure out your wedding day timings. Adjust it however you like according to your own day. Believe us, it will make a big difference. If there are any delays, you’ll know exactly how much you’re running overtime. You’ll also know when you’ve gained a minute here and there, perfect for taking a few deep breaths! Knowing the exact timings will really help you with preparations, no matter how nervous or stressed you feel.

3. Plan for comfort

If your dress squeezes you in all the right places and doesn’t poke or itch anywhere, then you can be pretty sure it’ll be fine to wear all day long. Alas, comfort isn’t just a dress. Make sure hair pins aren’t digging in to you, jewellery isn’t catching and of course your shoes don’t make you tear up with every step. Have a pair of flats or flip flops handy for later in the day so you can slip in to them if your heels get the better of you!

better wedding day

Above image from Aimee & Joseph’s real wedding by David Maury Photography

4. Be organised

If you’re organised early on, it mean less stress as the Big Day approaches. Get your suppliers booked in early and get tackling your tasks so the to-do list doesn’t give you nightmares on the run up to the wedding! Same goes for all your packing – make sure you have everything you need for the wedding morning to hand including dress, hanger, PJs or robe, garter, accessories etc. so you’re not flying around like a mad thing when you should be sipping Prosecco! We’ve got some handy tips for those last few days before the wedding – check them out here.

5. Delegate like a diplomat

Even if you’re the most organised person in the world, you shouldn’t take on a whole wedding by yourself. Those brides who said it’s almost like a full time job weren’t exaggerating. Grab our awesome wedding planning checklist and see which tasks you can definitely give to someone else. Delegation is also super important on the day of the wedding and the few days before – rope in others to give you a hand so you can enjoy the build up and every second of your special day.

6. Create a backup plan for your outdoor celebration

Some of Ireland’s most magnificent ceremony venues are outside, and it would be a shame to miss out on such great locations. Despite our changeable weather, you can definitely plan a party in lush greenery or under the stars.

But what if rain or wind catch you by surprise? First up, be sure to follow the weather forecast as closely as possible in the weeks and days leading up to your wedding, so you’re not caught out. And of course talk to your venue about a backup plan. They’ll already have a plan in place, with a well coordinated rescue for guests, decor and furniture.

better wedding day

Above image from Sarah-Maud & David’s real wedding by The Italian Wedding Event

7. Plan a great breakfast

What’s your absolute fave breakfast? Give yourself something to look forward to on the morning of the wedding by eating your favourite things – as long as you know they’re not going to give you a big bloat! You may be tempted to say, ‘there’s no way I’ll manage to eat anything, I’ll be too nervous!’ Well, it doesn’t have to be a feast, but you need to eat something for strength. If you measure the time between getting up and your next meal, you’ll discover it could be up to five hours before you see any food being served. Basically, a better wedding day starts with a great breakfast. The last thing you want is to have your tummy rumbling mid ceremony!

8. Let things go

The tiniest details you obsess over won’t phase you in the slightest on your wedding day. The precise shade of your chosen colour, the table napkins folded wrong… none of that will matter to your guests, in fact they won’t even notice! Don’t get caught up on any of these little things – everything may not go to plan but don’t let it get to you, the day you’ve been dreaming of is here, it’s time to savour it.

9. And… enjoy!

You put in many, many hours of planning. Sent hundreds of emails. Spent thousands of minutes on the phone. Arranged a bigger party than ever before. You deserve to look at it all and go ‘yes, I did all that, and it’s darn good!’ If you look over our real weddings, you’ll notice most of our couples say the day went by in a flash. It’s an emotional day, so enjoy it to the fullest! It won’t ever happen like this again, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

better wedding day

Above image from Fiona & Gary’s real wedding by Tara Donoghue Photography

Main image from Katharina & Michael’s real wedding by Your Wedding Planner in Malta – Dream Days Weddings