Top 10 Wedding Day Regrets

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Main image via Twigs & Honey

One of  the best ways to avoid wedding day regrets is to read the wise advice of the newlyweds who have already cut the cake and eaten it too. Of all the stories we’ve heard from our brides, there are some that keep coming back again and again. We’ve collected the most frequently repeated ones to share with you – here is our top 10 list.


Image from Margareta & Mark’s real wedding by Monica Hadarean Photography

10. Not eating anything the morning of the wedding – you may feel so nervous, you couldn’t even imagine taking a single bite… trust us, by the time you’re at the ceremony, you’ll probably be feeling faint and for all the wrong reasons. And, there may be several hours to go yet, before your reception dinner. So take good care of yourself the morning of the big day and have breakfast – it’s a smart thing to do.


Image from Lucy & Liam’s real wedding by Eden Photography

9. Not telling the DJ the songs you don’t want him to play – the DJ is there to make sure everyone has a good time, and that includes you! So when you make your party playlist, make sure to tell the DJ the songs you don’t want played – they’re just as important. We’ve heard of weddings where newly acquainted families argued because the DJ played the anthems of the rivalling football teams each side supported… and the one where the DJ played a song that had a special meaning for the groom… and his ex.


Image from Louise & Liam’s real wedding by McMahon Studios

8. Ordering too much food for the buffet – any experienced caterer will tell you to order only for about 80% of the guests, and there’s a reason for it! Of course you want your guests to rave about the food – so focus on quality, not quantity. Take this good professional advice and plan accordingly, or you’ll end up with a lot of food being wasted, and a bill that could have been a lot lower – two regrets so easy to avoid.

7. Not making a timeline of the day – when you don’t plan your day, or at least your morning, things can quickly get out of hand… and you’ll end up feeling rushed and stressed. A schedule is a bride’s best friend – so make sure you plan all the timings, allowing a few extra minutes wherever possible, just in case. Come afternoon, you’ll be glad you did, and your guests won’t have to hang around wondering about the delays.

6. Not allocating the budget in the best possible way – if you’re a budget-savvy bride/groom like so many today, make sure to spend your money on things actually worth remembering… not things that will end up in the bin, or won’t add anything special to your wedding day. Be smart – the likes of food and photographer are just some of the worthwhile investments into your big day.

5. Not being organised enough about RSVPs – it’s a well-known fact that one of the biggest jobs is chasing those replies… and the only thing that’ll work is being super-organised. You don’t have to do it alone – draft in your mum, your fiancé(e) and your chief bridesmaid to help chasing up those guests right after the due date passes. If you don’t follow up, you may end up being more than disappointed – and it may be an unnecessary expense too.


Image from Nicola & Niall’s real wedding by DKPHOTO

4. Not having a chance to make the rounds to chat with the guests – every guest you invite is special to you, why else would they be at your wedding? So, when you’re looking at your wedding photos after the big day, you’ll see all those guests who were so happy to attend… yet you didn’t have a spare moment to exchange a few words and a hug. Make sure you do – it’s such a tiny thing, but a big potential regret.

3. Not hiring a videographer – a wedding photographer is a given, but even the best one with three assistants won’t be able to show you everything you’d missed. So many brides wish they’d seen what the groom was doing just before the ceremony, the guests’ reactions to bridesmaids walking down the aisle (something brides miss, standing out of sight for their entrance), and all those other little moments that make a wedding extra special. That’s why not hiring a videographer is one of the biggest regrets – we can’t recommend it enough.


Image from Lisa & Gareth’s real wedding by Ebony & Pearl Photography

2. Not setting aside a few moments alone together to just enjoy each other’s company – if there’s one thing we hear over and over again, it’s how fast the day seemed to fly. Don’t let it rush past you without a few moments alone with your other half – and we don’t mean in the car travelling between the ceremony and the reception. Slip into the reception room before the guests arrive, or go to the bridal suite, or just for a walk alone in the garden. It’s a wonderful feeling, being married – so make sure to savour it on the very day it happens, even if just for a few moments.


Image from Stephanie & Declan’s real wedding by Konrad Kubic Photography

1. Letting others influence the choice of wedding dress – “I looked alright, but it wasn’t the dress of my dreams”… no bride should ever feel this way. It’s your only wedding dress, so make sure you get the one you truly love – don’t rely on other people’s opinions to sway your judgement. One way to prevent this is to take as few people shopping with you as possible – too many opinions will have you questioning every choice you make. And if possible, don’t buy the dress there and then – sleep on it for one night and come back to the shop the next day to make sure it’s the one.