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8 Wedding Traditions You Can Unfollow

Nervous about waltzing in front of 150 people? It’s ok – here are 8 wedding traditions you no longer have to follow.

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Chief Bridesmaid Duties – Style, Support, Superpowers

Here’s our complete list of all chief bridesmaid duties – get that girl a superhero cape!

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13 Magnificent Civil Ceremony Venues in Ireland

Make your civil ceremony as fabulous as your reception at one of these wonderful Irish venues.

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10 Things to Think About for Your Autumn or Winter Wedding

An autumn or winter wedding is a fabulous idea – as long as you remember these few practical things! Read on to avoid any surprises.

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8 Things That May Make Your Other Half Feel Left Out

If any of these things are happening, there’s a chance your other half may feel left out of their own wedding. Take a look.

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These 7 European Countries are Tops for Irish Weddings Abroad

Ever wonder where Irish couples really like to go for their European wedding abroad? Here’s your answer.

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11 Wedding Day Don’ts

Make note of these 11 wedding day don’ts – because a relaxed bride is a happy bride.

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Can You Fire a Bridesmaid and Save the Friendship?

Can you fire a bridesmaid and save the friendship? Yes, let us show you how!

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Wedding Dress Regrets – What To Do

Wedding dress regrets? Here’s how to avoid and solve them.

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6 Sublime Honeymoon Destinations 5 Hours from Ireland

You’re no more than five hours away from a trip of a lifetime – Canada, Scandinavia, Europe.

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Wedding Planning

This list will prepare you for some unexpected things during your planning!

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12 Simple Things That Make a Wedding Reception Fabulous

It’s the simple things that make a wedding reception fabulous – and here they are.

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12 Tips for Overwhelmed Couples Planning a Big Wedding

If you’re thinking about switching from a big wedding to a smaller one, here’s what you can do.

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You Can Kiss These 7 Wedding Worries Goodbye

Banish these wedding worries right now – we’ll even tell you why!

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How to Pick a Best Man So You Don’t Regret It

Dear groom, don’t pick a best man until you read this!

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6 Awesome American Honeymoons You Didn’t Know You Could Have

Awesome American honeymoons for couples who crave adventure.

Wedding Contracts – An Essential Read for Every Couple

Good common sense advice for everyone who’s planning a wedding.

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Intimate Weddings – How, Why, What, Where?

Intimate weddings – how are they different? Read all about it here. It may be your perfect option.

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15 Ways to Involve Dad in Your Wedding Day

Here are some lovely and meaningful ways to involve dad in your wedding day – he’ll appreciate it more than you know.

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