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Your wedding ceremony is arguably the most important part of your wedding day! The wedding celebrants, ministers and solemnisers below can all bring your wedding ceremony dreams to life. Many of them are able to marry you legally, and all of them are happy to create a personalised and unique wedding ceremony that reflects you and your love for one another.

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Mo Chuisle, Waterford & Nationwide | View Profile

My name is Ciara and I am a creative and forward-thinking celebrant and solemniser. I am from Waterford, Ireland but I am willing to travel all over the country and beyond . I am currently available for Weddings, Vow Renewals and Baby Namings. As an actor and writer I love working with people to create bespoke ceremonies tailored just for them. If you imagine it, I can script and perform it! No ceremony is too big or too small. I weave ancient traditions with brand new ideas to create the day you’ve always dreamed of.

Kerry Ceremonies, Kerry | View Profile

My name is Jessica Bradley and I am an Interfaith Minister based in Kerry and work with couples all over Munster. I am a HSE Registered Solemnisers and can perform fully legal weddings on any day of the week throughout Ireland.

I love to create personal ceremonies and scripts for all important life events reflective of your beliefs. As a One Spirit Minister I support belief in all faiths and none, I love the inclusive nature of One Spirit as its supports every single person regardless of beliefs. Your Day your way!

Rev Margaret Roche, Dublin | View Profile

As a HSE Registered Solemniser, I can legally marry you, on the day and venue of your choice. A unique and personal ceremony will be the centrepiece of your memorable wedding day. Together we will choose the readings, reflections, rituals and music from my varied and large collection of resources.

You will have the ceremony that best reflects you and your partner’s wishes. As an ordained non-denominational OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, I serve people of all faith paths and none – that is inclusive of gender, sexual orientation and all cultures.

Bespoke Words, Cork | View Profile

Hi there, my name is Alison. I am your modern Celebrant and Solemniser in Cork creating inclusive and non traditional wedding ceremonies. I travel across Ireland to work with my amazing couples from Cork City to Cavan I’ll go where I am needed.

I am a Poet, with an MA Creative Writing, so you can rest assure I’ll write your love story and your ceremony in a personal and memorable way.

The Civil Celebrant, Dublin | View Profile

I am a formally trained independent celebrant, with a background in nursing and public speaking. I aim to quickly put couples at ease, and encourage them to open their imagination to all the possibilities for a wonderful celebration!

The best part of my job is creating a ceremony that is centred around the couple and their love story. Knowing that every element was considered to reflect in some way the journey they have travelled to arrive at their wedding day, be that six months or 26 years!

Celebrate with Marion, Nationwide | View Profile

As an Ethical Celebrant with a Diploma in Family Celebrancy, I can include any religious or non religious rituals which can be woven into your ceremony, or you may like to include ceremony enhancements such as  Handfasting, Unity Candles, Sand pouring or others of your choice.  I can deliver your wedding ceremony on any day of the week and I would love to help create a very special memorable ceremony for your big day.

Wedding Dream Theme, Baldoyle | View Profile

Christine is an Ethical Celebrant accredited by the Irish Institute of Celebrants.  She became a celebrant as she truly believes that your Wedding Ceremony should be exactly how you would like it to be. She wants your day to be the best it can possibly be and one everyone will remember for years to come.

As she is an Ethical Celebrant, she does not legally marry you. Your marriage would be a 2-Phase process.

Rev Michele Feeney, Sligo | View Profile

I am an Interfaith minister and HSE Registered Solemniser which means I perform the legal aspect.

With the golden thread of love running through each and every marriage, I conduct ceremony for all Religions, Faith paths, Spirituality, Same-Sex couples, Traditionalists, Weddings with Celtics elements. Together we weave a ceremony that is uniquely authentic to you as a couple and all that you wish to involve in your life.

Jo McAteer, Wexford | View Profile

My name is Jo and I’m a One Spirit Minister creating meaningful ceremonies for all. Your ceremony is important as it sets the tone of your entire day. I welcome diversity and inclusivity. Ceremony should be full of love, lots and lots of fun, smiles and laughter and all of it sprinkled with a little bit of magic which I promise to deliver which will  make your day special and make it a memorable experience for you and for all your guests to remember forever.

Rhona Cullinan, Leinster & Munster | View Profile

I love weddings and as an Independent Celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants, I am very proud to be able to bring two peoples love stories together in a ceremony that I will write and perform.

So, with this type of ceremony I can help you create the most personalised, individual, bespoke wedding tailored to suit both your styles and your personalities. It will revolve completely around your love story! My ceremonies have the added advantage in that your wedding can be performed indoor or outdoor with no restrictions whatsoever.

Pat Clarke-Browne, Clare | View Profile

As all HAI celebrant’s are HSE registered Solemnisers, Pat can sign your legal paperwork on the day of your Humanist wedding. Pat looks forward to working with you to design a uniquely personal ceremony. Having been married in a Humanist ceremony himself some years back, Pat recognises the importance and value of personal input to such a major milestone in your life.

A Ceremony 4 You, Nationwide | View Profile

We met during our training as Interfaith Ministers and are very happy to say that the 4 of us have become firm friends ever since! We are all HSE Registered Solemnisers and we perform fully legal weddings on any day of the week throughout Ireland.

As Interfaith Ministers we have taken a vow of inclusivity, welcome diversity of beliefs, gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability and culture within the bounds of Irish law.

Trish Cameron, Wicklow | View Profile

If you love Ireland, her natural world and myths and stories, then you will love a wedding officiated by Trish Cameron.

Her main focus is engaging with the spirit of Ireland and the natural world so there is no one better to marry you and bring the magic of Ireland to one of the most special days in your life.

Our Spiritual Earth, Nationwide | View Profile

Antoinette Coleman-Kelly, Caroline McCarthy, Romy McAuley and Gabrielle McAuley, are friendly and highly experienced Celebrants.  All members of Our Spiritual Earth, they have won many awards between them.

All are HSE Registered Solemnisers – so yes! you can have a fully legal marriage ceremony. All your questions about the legal requirements can and will be explained to you both to ensure the process is simple and easy to complete.

Bernice Denning, Meath & Leinster | View Profile

My name is Bernice and I am proud to say I am a Professional Celebrant trained by IIOC. I would love to help you celebrate your big day, by sharing some of what I have learned. To enhance your wedding ceremony, make it a magical day full of memorable moments and of course happiness never to be forgotten.

Married by Mags, Kerry | View Profile

I am an independent celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants.

With my ceremony I can help you create a personal and bespoke ceremony to suit both styles and personalities, it will revolve around your love story which I will write from our consultations together.

My ceremony has the advantage that it can be performed wherever you wish indoors or outdoors.

Boyana, Leinster | View Profile

Hello, I am Boyana and it will be my pleasure to help you create your wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony that is relaxed. A wedding ceremony that includes only elements that you want. A wedding ceremony that is stress free to create. My approach is to make you feel comfortable, safe, listened and acknowledged. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but working with me is very easy.

Ceremonies by Susan, Dublin & Nationwide | View Profile

Hi my name is Susan, I am an Interfaith Minister, and I am on the HSE list of Solemnisers which means I can legally marry you almost anywhere, anytime and in any way you choose. I am based in Dublin but travel all over Ireland.

I can help you create the most perfect wedding ceremony possible. Once I get to know you both I can tailor the ceremony to suit exactly what you need.

Louise Bradshaw Celebrant, Dublin & Nationwide | View Profile

Hi, I am Louise, a HSE Registered Solemniser of Marriages.

I am legally authorised to marry couples in Ireland. I create intimate personalised wedding ceremonies for people of all faiths and none. I work with you to help with ideas and then create the ceremony that you want for your wedding day. I will meet you as often as you like until you are happy with your ceremony.

Louise Bradshaw

Soulful Ceremonies, Dublin & Nationwide | View Profile

I am registered to perform legal weddings ceremonies in Ireland. As a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister I delight in facilitating the design and delivery of wedding ceremonies for people, of any gender or culture, who want to deepen and celebrate their relationship through marriage.

Crafted Ceremonies, Louth & Nationwide | View Profile

I’m a qualified ethical celebrant, with the Irish Institute of Celebrants and a member of the Irish Ethical Celebrants of Ireland.

My complete joy is to see two people stand and declare their love with their closest friends and family as witnesses. My job is to ensure they have the best ceremony and I work with each couple to ensure we create a unique day for them.

Marian Dooley, Cork & Nationwide | View Profile

I am a Registered Solemniser of Marriages, OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, and an accredited Civil Celebrant with extensive experience in creating and conducting personal and meaningful ceremonies of all kinds. While I am based in Cork I am willing to travel throughout Ireland and beyond to officiate your special wedding ceremony.

Rev Barbara Allen, Dublin & Nationwide | View Profile

I am Rev. Barbara Allen (Rev. Babs).  I am an Interfaith Minister (strictly non-denominational), Celebrant and Legal Solemniser of Weddings in Ireland.

My aim is to create for you a one-of-a-kind Wedding Ceremony that reflects your personalities, both as individuals, and as a couple.  Together we will use Rituals, Music, Readings, Poetry as I unfold your story of Love,  to design the perfect, personalised Wedding Ceremony, which will be memorable and will always hold a significant place in your hearts.

Andrea Hall, Wexford | View Profile

My name is Andrea and I am a professional Celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants. I offer Weddings, Elopements, Vow Renewals and Naming Ceremonies. I can offer you a ceremony that is unique, personalised, romantic and elegant. Creating memories is my passion. My ceremonies are filled with love, laughter and happiness. But most importantly it will be a ceremony All About You!

Elizabeth Hadnett, Nationwide | View Profile

Elizabeth Hadnett is fully accredited by the Irish Institute of Celebrants, trained to the highest standards as a Professional Celebrant.  She aims to create a personalized meaningful ceremony that reflects your beliefs in life. Each couple has their own special blend of magic, she will seek to capture your magic, reflect it back to you and convey it to your family and friends.

Rev Geraldine Bown, Galway | View Profile

Rev Geraldine Bown is an ordained Interfaith Minister, who works mainly in the West of Ireland. All of her ceremonies are tailored to YOUR needs and beliefs. You’ll be legally married as well as having a beautiful and personal ceremony! You choose the day (including Sundays), the time (including evenings) and the venue (including outside venues which comply with HSE regulations).

The ceremonies Geraldine does are mostly for people who want a sense of spirituality in their wedding ceremony, but don’t want to subscribe to any particular religion. You could draw on readings and poems from any and all of the traditions – or none of them!

Brenda O’Grady, Nationwide | View Profile

Brenda O’Grady is an ordained interfaith minister. She celebrates non-religious, semi-religious, mixed faith, no faith and spiritual legal weddings! She will guide you through the process of creating a ceremony written just for you that expresses your love and commitment to each other in a unique, personalised and meaningful way. Your ceremony can include bespoke elements such as hand wrapping, secret box, sand, stone, unity candles and many more enhancements.

A Beautiful Ceremony, Dublin | View Profile

A Beautiful Ceremony is a group of Solemnisers & Celebrants who absolutely love weddings! Your wedding day is all about you, so the team will factor in your style, personalities and theme from start to finish. They will bring together your ideas, beliefs and way of life to make this event one of a kind.

From a small intimate occasion to a large memorable celebration; they work with you to write a ceremony that will echo your love, commitment and feelings towards each other.

It’s Your Day, Wicklow | View Profile

A warm and personal service, giving you the ceremony you want – from the traditional to the unconventional, anywhere in Ireland (and beyond!), up a mountain, down on the beach, in a chic hotel or a romantic castle, any time of day (or night!), seven days a week – is their commitment to you.

Whatever your dream is for your wedding ceremony, let’s make it yours. The traditions or beliefs you hold (if any) can be combined to create a meaningful ceremony which is, after all, what your wedding day is all about.

Minister Kathryn Cashman, Cork | View Profile

Kathryn Cashman devotes herself to creating meaningful weddings and as ordained Interfaith Minister Marriage Solemniser and Wedding Celebrant and celebrating all of life’s milestones.

She helps couples design their unique and personal wedding ceremonies as well as completing all the legal requirements. Kathryn will help you to create vows that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Rev Karen Dempsey, Dublin | View Profile

Karen is an ordained Interfaith Minister, and a HSE Registered Solemniser. This means she can legally Solemnise your marriage on any day of the week (yes including Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays!), in the venue of your choice.

She is absolutely committed to providing you and your partner (and children/family) with a ceremony that is deeply personal to you both. A ceremony that reflects you both as individuals, and as a couple. She holds the principals of Equality, Diversity and Choice as core tenets of her service.

Daragh Doyle, Nationwide | View Profile

I am a One Spirit Celebrant carrying out ceremonies for people of all faiths and none. Your ceremony is one of the most important parts of your day and sets the energy for your wedding day.

I will spend time with you as a couple to learn about your story and your journey and and work that story and journey into into a special and meaningful ceremony which best represents you as a couple.

I can also solemnise your wedding (carry out the legal aspect).